Samsung and LG are now selling curved OLED TVs this week

American retailer of televisions Value Electronics announces the start of sales of Samsung KN55SN with curved screen, according to The Verge. Previously, this model has already been presented at CES 2013. 55-inch original model of TV is available in very limited quantities. Moreover, an order can only be personally directly to the store, no online orders will not be accepted. The price of the first batch will be a staggering $ 14,999 (for the money you can buy a nice car).

In late June, the model appeared on the shelves of South Korean stores at a price of $ 13,000, respectively, with the advent of TV competitors may reduce the price in U.S. stores. Notable is the fact that the store’s website Value Electronics does not inspire much confidence about the reliability of information. But on the other hand, journalists from Cnet and The Verge personally contacted the owner, who confirmed the presence of televisions and start selling fast.

Not far behind rival and second South Korean company offering a similar model of exactly the same size and the same price. LG 55EA9800 model is based on the technology WGRB OLED, 3D-supported content is certified THX and weighs 17 kg, with a thickness of only 4.3 mm (similar to Samsung’s 10 pounds heavier). “Bent” TV from LG is now available in Best Buy stores in Los Angeles, Nu York, San Francisco and other major cities in the U.S. at a price of $ 14,999.

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