Samsung released a "teaser" new Galaxy Grand 3

Samsung released a “teaser” new Galaxy Grand 3

Samsung released a "teaser" new Galaxy Grand 3

Great news for fans of the Galaxy Grand. It seems that Samsung is planning to release 3-generation smartphone. The release will be in the near future.

Official information. The appearance of the unit became known thanks to the Indian unit of the company. It has published a small but intriguing “teaser.”

The image shows part of the future of the gadget and the inscription «The Grandest Ever, Coming Soon».

The exact date when the “greatest” device will hit no. But wait a long time is not necessary. Galaxy Grand 2 began to conquer the trade network in early 2014. Hence – his successor will come “out” very soon.

What is known about the technical characteristics of the next incarnation phone? The device will be thinner and more powerful.

Samsung released a "teaser" new Galaxy Grand 3

Samsung will offer fans a 5.25-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels, 4-core Snapdragon chip 410, 16 GB of permanent and 1.5 GB of RAM. Plus two cameras: front and 5 MP primary 13 MP.

As a bonus, there is a slot for microSD (up to 128 GB).

Alas, there is no reliable information about the assembly Android. It is not clear which version of the OS will install Samsung: the most current Lollipop or older KitKat.

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