New promo video New Samsung

New promo video New Samsung

New promo video New Samsung

New Year is near, thousands of smartphones and tablets are waiting for their customers, at this time, each device wishes to speak as a gift to your loved ones and friends. And how quality will be presented to the public these devices depends on their popularity.

This year, Samsung released several promo video, which, although they do not bear the semantic load in technical terms, but try to show the consumer that smartphones are able to immerse you into the atmosphere of mystery, and the naivety of childhood; these are the commercials are able to attract real buyers. Able to attract those for whom a smartphone or tablet – it is something more than just hardware: it views the Christmas movies, greeting friends with Hangouts, search for Christmas recordings and send them to plug gadgets, it is primarily the emotions, feelings, which bring you some means of relationships people connected devices and simplify their lives.

The first promo video was a video dedicated to a girl who, asleep, immersed in his own world, mysterious, unusual, unpredictable…

The video was created by using 74 different devices such as the Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Note 4, Gear S and rounded UHD-TV Samsung. In fact, in the video show us those devices that are the most popular and commercialized in the Christmas season. To all this to work, it took the same time to run videos on all devices, and all this is implemented in software. If you’re interested in creating it, you can view the following video:

Second promo video shows us how important mobile devices such momentous events. You get out of the airport, open a chat with a close friend who is waiting for you, with the help of multi-mode you watch the weather, knowing that there is heavy snow, you are looking for your desired hotel, while corresponding with a loved one, and with the help of Google-navigation work you’re the way to the hotel hoping to get home as soon as possible. INDEX mode simplifies the user experience in such important moments.

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