Autonomy Galaxy Note 4: This is a long time

Autonomy Galaxy Note 4: This is a long time

Autonomy Galaxy Note 4: This is a long time

Presentation of new South Korean company Samsung’s traditional event Unpacked caused a lot of emotion. Most of them, of course, was positive. The reason for this was a brand new device and a marked improvement successor to the already existing line. However, it was not without excitement. The latter were caused by a combination of growth display resolution Note 4, and only a small increase in the capacity of its battery. Connoisseurs technologies reasonably assumed that autonomy fableta will limp on both legs. It has actually happened? Let’s find out.

The duration of the smartphone without the need to connect it to a power outlet is important for every potential buyer. That is why the vast World Wide Web, you can easily find a huge variety of tests. We, for example, managed to not only see the indicator of battery current champions, but also to compare them with the leaders of this parameter.

Autonomy Galaxy Note 4: This is a long time

Today it’s time to learn more about this part of Galaxy Note 4. Why our foreign colleagues phonearena not spared his attention? There are several reasons.

Firstly, the fourth iteration of the famous fableta justifiably claim to be the best of their kind. Many users are still waiting for an opportunity to change their current device to the South Korean device.

Secondly, one can not underestimate the sporting interest. Display resolution Note 4, we recall, is 2560 x 1440 pixels. Holders of such figures – LG G3 and Oppo Find 7 – showed himself far from the best side. The result Autonomy Galaxy Note 4 of the first – 6 hours and 14 minutes of work when the screen of the second – 4 hours 30 minutes, respectively.

The decisive factor was the capacity of the battery. In comparison with the previous generation, it grew by only 20 mAh: from 3200 to 3220 mAh.

Despite all the threats and doubts, Note 4 showed their best side. In the test using the good old script fablet showed impressive 8:00 43 minutes of work. It is noteworthy that the battery is fully restored turn just 95 minutes. Not bad, is not it?

Autonomy Galaxy Note 4: This is a long time

Result, of course, Autonomy Galaxy Note 4 far from the 9 and a half hours Xperia Z3, but it’s enough to get ahead of the vast majority of smartphones.

Do you like South Korea’s new? What are its features are of greatest interest?

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