Not yet introduced Samsung GALAXY Note III , and began to appear on the network rumors about the future of the Korean manufacturer’s flagship – GALAXY S5. According to the publication ETNews, Samsung is seriously considering the possibility that the GALAXY S5 get a metal case.

Thus, there is a chance that the Korean company has listened to customers, and next year will introduce a premium smartphone, following the example of HTC with its One. The publication notes that Samsung may begin mass production of metal cases for the new champions this year. This early production is necessary in order to eliminate the problems associated with the use of metal in the body – such as those that were at the Apple iPhone 4 (poor reception). It is also important that the Korean vendor is not going to give up the removable battery and memory card support in his new metal smartphone.

A couple of days ago transpired, and other details about the Samsung GALAXY S5. It is expected that the manufacturer refuses to use Sony PV modules and is currently developing his own camera, and you will get new flagship smartphones.

It is known that Samsung will photomodule 16-megapixel matrix and an advanced optical image stabilization system. Earlier, the Korean company wanted to equip such a camera GALAXY Note III , but she did not have time to get to the September release of “stilusnogo” flagship.

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