Nokia N1 vs Amazon Kindle Fire. How did the best mini-tablets based on Android for three years?

Nokia N1 vs Amazon Kindle Fire. How did the best mini-tablets based on Android for three years?

Nokia N1 vs Amazon Kindle Fire. How did the best mini-tablets based on Android for three years?

After the announcement of best mini-tablets Nokia N1, which is one of the most attractive tablet devices, the focus has shifted somewhat public with phones on the plates. The Finnish company Nokia, which sold its phone business software giant Microsoft, is launching a best mini-tablets N1, which will be very interesting to compare with the favorite of many users almost ancient Amazon Kindle Fire.

Resource Explorer the Christian Post Max Bont in his brief comparative note «Nokia N1 vs Amazon Kindle Fire Review: Comparison of Specs and Features» The technical specifications and other indicators matched devices. In this case interesting is the fact that the device belong to different generations. If Nokia N1 is expected only in early 2015, it will hit the shelves in late 2011, Kindle Fire users happy for three years, and after his debut, he was a member of the most sought after Christmas and New Year gifts.

Nokia N1 vs Amazon Kindle Fire.

Nokia N1 vs Amazon Kindle Fire. How did the best mini-tablets based on Android for three years?

Best mini-tablets Kindle Fire appeared at the dawn of the tablet era, and Nokia N1 comes on the market, crowded with devices in this category. Sometimes it is interesting to recall what Soup considered very attractive just three years ago, to see how far has since progressed industry. After reports of announcements of new smartphones and tablets have ceased to be perceived as bright as it was in 2011. Today it is the most common events that can attract the interest of the public for a few days. And in those days about the new tablet talked long and hard. After all tablet devices themselves were still relatively few, and it is not clear why they were needed in the presence of the computer and the phone.

Usually compare one generation best mini-tablets. But today we have a few unusual juxtaposition. On the one hand Kindle Fire, a tablet of the past, and on the other Nokia N1 – the device of the future. The plates – not compete with each other. They relate, as fresh early morning and full of joy sunny day.

How did the best mini-tablets based on Android for three years?

Both considered today tablet devices lacking support GSM and a Wi-Fi connections and Bluetooth.

Kindle Fire has a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. In turn, Nokia N1 is characterized by a spectacular display. With a diagonal of 7.9 inches, its resolution is 2048 x 1536 pixels. New Nokia has a clear superiority in this respect.

N1 is based on chipset Intel Atom Z3580 with a 2.3-gigahertz quad-core processor and the GPU PowerVR G6430. Chipset Kindle Fire TI, OMAP 4430, is characterized by a dual-core 1 GHz processor and GPU PowerVR SGX540.

In Kindle Fire has 8GB built-in storage and a total of 512 MB of RAM, while as N1 boasts a 32-gigabyte hard drive or two gigabytes of RAM.

N1 has such cameras, which are in mobile devices three years ago could not even dream of. Its main camera on the back of an 8-megapixel. In addition, the tablet has a 5-megapixel front camera. Kindle Fire at all costs without a camera. Both best mini-tablets are based on the most popular in the world of mobile operating system Android. But if the Kindle Fire runs a customized version of Android 2.3, then the N1 soon please its users the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop.

N1 is a multipurpose mini-tablet while as Kindle Fire primarily serves as best mini-tablets for video streaming from Amazon Prime Instant Video.

How have tablets in 2011? They found bright high-resolution screen, faster processor and enough impressive cameras, although not all users even today considered a tablet camera useful option. The fact remains that the majority of tablets running Google Android operating system and Apple iOS. Of course, the new, more beautiful and functional versions, but dominate the market all the same mobile platforms. However, on the beauty and functionality have different opinions. Some users prefer the old versions of operating systems.

Do you think that some of the tablets were touched most important change? Will best mini-tablets and develops further or they have already reached their perfection and we can talk only about cosmetic improvements? How would you like to see the tablet of the future? As far as Nokia N1 close to the presentation of such best mini-tablets?

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