Samsung is going to buy Novaled for $ 200 million

Samsung is seriously considering the purchase of the German company Novaled, specializing in the development of technologies for OLED panels of the new generation.

Novaled company was founded by the Institute of Integrated Circuits Fraunhofer Society (Fraunhofer-Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen, FIIS) and the Technical University of Dresden (Technische Universität Dresden, TUD) in 2001. It should also be noted that as of 2011 the balance of Samsung were 10 percent stake Novaled.

The German manufacturer of light-emitting diodes for displays and lighting has a very valuable patents in the amount of more than 500 pieces, as well as promising developments in the field of production of panels based on organic light emitting diodes. Among the recent achievements of the German company worth remembering OLED panels with high light performance.

According to sources, WSJ , purchase price is estimated at $ 200 million

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