[Rumors] iTunes application may appear on Android

Apple plans to launch a streaming music service to compete with Spotify and Beats Music, said the publication Billboard. According to rumors, the company is already in talks with major record labels in order to implement its strategy to increase revenues from sales of musical compositions in which Apple is considering the release of iTunes for Android-powered devices .

In January of this year, revenues iTunes Store for the first time decreased since the start of the service in 2003, and at once by six percent. At the same time, Spotify and Pandora revenues increased significantly as more and more users prefer to “rent” music rather than buy entire albums or songs individually.

Certainly, iTunes Radio very convenient service, but it has certain disadvantages compared with its competitors. For example, you can not listen to a particular song and artist have to get acquainted with all his work on a special radio with the ability to skip songs neponravilis. Spotify In this feature is implemented much easier – simply Drives a track name in the search box and immediately listen to it.

If Apple really is ripe to launch such a service, it will have to expand it far beyond the iOS and develop application for Android. Otherwise, the company risks losing a significant amount of potential customers.

Presumably, Apple will monetize it through the introduction of a monthly fee for access to their multi-million dollar music library. In fact, pay once a month, say, 6-8 dollars is much cheaper than buying each song one dollar or one album for 15. Depends, of course, on what kind of album.

Rather, in Cupertino will combine his idea with the existing service iTunes Radio – there is no need “fruit” them if you can combine profitable. Just iRadio seriously expand opportunities, and the service will undergo significant changes.

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