Apple and all-all-all: Samsung pinned its competitors

We’ve learned that Samsung is constantly trying to “pin” Apple. Maybe this style is the company? Because in the last commercials South Korean manufacturer has got almost everything. And the iPad as well.

During the first minutes of video Samsung laughs at the fact that the iPad is not capable of performing two tasks simultaneously, and in the last minutes states that the tablet Galaxy Pro has a better display. This is us familiar : a little earlier Samsung noted that the iPad Air is thin enough, but not large enough iPhone 5s.

What is fairly new, so that’s what got the South Koreans and other competitors: Microsoft Surface, in their opinion, is not like the tablet and Kindle – “just a” reader.”


Such tactics – ridicule competitors – has obvious advantages. Suppose advertising dedicated Paralympic Games in Sochi, the first night gained only 46,000 views on YouTube, and “evil” comparative Pulley – 110 000.

Apple also similar attacks do not bring harm. If competitors are trying to note the small-small speck in the eye of the company, then sure: the consumer anyway will compare their product with the reference (a reference position is still occupied gadgets from Cupertino ).

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Look a video from russian roads:

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