Review Sony SmartBand

Review Sony SmartBand: journal of your life

Review Sony SmartBand

The owner of this accessory is not necessarily to be an athlete and spend evenings in the gym or on the treadmill. Sony SmartBand SWR10 – more advanced accessory than just a tracker. It is worn on the wrist, and he records almost everything you do: as moving, talking to whom and how to have fun. In addition, it can help and its owner – switch the track, notify you of important events, or wake up, set yourself goals and monitor their achievement.

Sony SmartBand bracelet is designed to be worn on the hand veduscheĭ (this is important), connects to ustroĭstvu running Android and allows you to control your daily physical activity. Actually, it can work without being connected to your phone, but then the sense of it is a little bit – to see their achievements FizKult-you just can not be recorded, and nothing of what you do on your smartphone. To set ourselves the task, remember what happened during the day, how many steps you did as sleeping – for all this and much more will need application Lifelog. It is paired with this application we will consider the device.

Technical characteristics Sony SmartBand

  • Bluetooth 4.0;
  • NFC;
  • port micro-USB;
  • battery life: up to 120 hours;
  • Charging time: less than an hour;
  • ingress protection class: IP58;
  • two straps (250 mm and 214 mm);
  • module weight: 21 grams.

Options Sony SmartBand

Supplied has everything you need – removable base Core, two silicone strap on the hands of different sizes, cable USB <=> micro-USB, required for charging the device, and brief instructions on how to configure.

Appearance Sony SmartBand

Review Sony SmartBand

Sony  SmartBand consists of removable bases Core and bracelet, which is inserted into this framework.

With this decision, and a commercially available straps can always choose a combination that fits under any style of clothing.

The most important part of the bracelet – Core, – protected from the water, so that, Sony SmartBand can be worn continuously without taking even in the shower or on the beach.

On the one hand is Core USB-connector used for charging the battery, and the side – the power button and three LEDs in white, signaling the state of the device.

Connection Sony SmartBand

If you have a smartphone produced not Sony, then you first need to install the application Smart Connect. This is the most “difficult” step in tuning. In fact, things are even simpler: a brief instruction offers charging the battery for 30 minutes – and proceed with pairing devices. If your smartphone is equipped with NFC-module, just touch it to the bracelet, and the device itself will tell you what to do and what software to install.

Review Sony SmartBand

Search for previously installed application Sony SmartBand of programs do not need, it will not be there. After pairing, and install all necessary software interface Smart Connect will be a new device – our Sony  SmartBand. Clicking on it, you can access and configure the bracelet. Or, say, to see how long he can work without recharging.

Basic settings have Sony SmartBand not so much: You can set the transition to night mode, adjust the “smart” or an alarm clock, and notice something else.

Each item has its own sub. Somewhere there are few, but somewhere – on the contrary, quite a lot. But in the case of notification settings, all depends on the amount of installed user applications.

First item is the setting of night or day activation modes. In day mode bracelet watching your activities and records everything that you do on your smartphone. And in night mode, it monitors the sleep phases to alarm could wake you up in the most opportune moment.

Review Sony SmartBand

If you do not want to use the automatic function or activity of your schedule unstable modes can be switched independently – long press on the bracelet.

Under “Notifications” we propose to select applications that can forward incoming notification bracelet. When you receive such notice – such as messages or emails – bracelet responds vibration.

Smart alarm clock – one of the features of Sony SmartBand. As we know, human sleep is cyclical. Full cycle of phases of slow and fast sleep, lasts an average of about one and a half hours. If an alarm clock “pulls” you out of REM sleep, you are at best a day will feel tired and overwhelmed, and at worst simply press off and wake.

Smart alarm clock works differently. You specify the day and time slot in which you want to wake up, for example, from 6:30 am to 7 am.

Recording the movement of the body, Sony SmartBand calculates the sleep cycle, and on the basis of the data obtained intellektualnyĭ alarm will wake you up is not strictly at the appointed hour, and after REM sleep cycles during the transition. This – the best time to wake up: it is easy, and you will feel refreshed and sleep, even if slept less than desirable.

If the end of REM sleep misses a specified time interval (or bracelet works in day mode) intellektualnyĭ Service bell at seven o’clock.

Review Sony SmartBand

Calculate interval awakening to be asked for Sony SmartBand, easy. Enough to know: the average duration of a full cycle of sleep in humans – a half hour. From cycle to cycle duration of the phases increases slightly. Accordingly, in order to sleep, you need to wake time, about a half hour times. Suppose you need to get up no later than seven in the morning. You go at 0:30. So you still 6.5 hours of sleep. Four full cycle takes six hours to (plus a few minutes in the sum on the transition and elongation cycles). If an alarm clock to get up in it, as delivered at 7:00, guaranteed to wake you up in the middle of the fifth cycle – and hello, sleep lack! Again, to calculate precisely when run four cycles, challenging each of them lasts about one and a half hours, but not strictly a half. Finally, there is always the probability of failure – for example, you wake up in the night by a sound or movement. Sony SmartBand allows leveling these failures: it should set the interval from 6:20 to 7:10, to a reserve – and he gently lift owner, allowing complete fourth cycle and not having to start the fifth. From the standpoint of sleep hygiene is an invention is difficult to overestimate.

About the loss of signal device – the point at which the function is activated you notice that you are drawn away from the smartphone. This feature will be demanded by the people who love to spread their smartphones on tables, like coffee shops. Forget device of dishes easily and bracelet remind host forgetfulness triple vibration.

Review Sony SmartBand

The following setup is required to notify the bracelet could vibration for incoming calls. Very handy when you receive a call while on public transport or in a noisy street.

Last – is setting up applications that support management with the bracelet, for example, a camera or music player.

For example, to control the player, press the button and tap the bracelet:

  • once – the previous track;
  • twice – play / pause;
  • three times – the next track.
  • Appendix Lifelog

After installing the application Lifelog need to create an account, which will need to enter your name, gender, height and weight – they need to calculate the calories burned, sleep phases and other parameters.

Review Sony SmartBand

The main screen displays Lifelog all the necessary information – in the upper half graphically displays all the events in the past days.

Occurred during the day events appear at the top of the window in the form of bubbles Lifelog. The more such a bubble, the longer it’s something you did, for example reading, playing or talking.

If the “rewind” event to the time when you were sleeping, the picture appears sleeper. And trying to look into the future, you can find out the weather forecast at this time.

The lower part shows “cups” with your performance indicators. Total thirteen cups. The closer you are close to achieving a certain goal, the higher the “fluid” in the cup.

In addition, if you click on the icon card at the bottom of the window, the map appears with the key points in which you have visited. That this information is accurate, you will need to activate the GPS-module.

To consider in detail what happened to you during the day by clicking on the right cup.

The very first in the series is worth the amount made bookmarks Life Bookmark – special moments of your life that you note personally, and do not trust your smartphone.

“The number of calories burned” – it is important to those who protects their shape or lose weight. As you can see, on this day the goal was not achieved.

Review Sony SmartBand

“How many steps are done” today. Looking at the chart, the third of June was not enough, but the fifth day of a little more than required. The timeline shows what time as the owner walked Sony SmartBand.

The next two hours show how much time per day do you go and how much running. In “Walking” shown how much time per day you paid walking, total distance traveled, calories burned and other useful information.

If you prefer a way of life and just run around to the bus stop, and even then not always, the second point will increase very reluctantly.

“How many hours did you sleep and how” – how long sleep was slow, but how – fast. If you fall asleep later specified time, it is also displayed on the chart, as well as the time that you have enough sleep.

Review Sony SmartBand

The following paragraphs show how many hours communicating with friends, how many shots were done on camera, how and what music streaming, which watched movies, how much time devoted to games, books and the Internet.

However, all these values ​​are relative – after all data on such activity program receives directly from the device. She just can not understand what you’ve read the book, read it if not in the program-reader, but, say, in the online library.

Runtimes Sony SmartBand

According to the manufacturer the battery life Sony SmartBand SWR10 is 120 hours. Bracelet honestly fulfills this time, and then asks for charging and … 40-50 minutes enough for him to be charged for “most do not want.” By the way, given that it is fueled via the micro-USB, you can charge the bracelet the same cable as the smartphone.

Results Sony SmartBand

Sony SmartBand SWR10 – your little memory bank. He remembers everything that happened to you in a day, week, month. Someone may object that, and so remembers everything that happened to him on a certain day. However, you should ask for this day to paint constantly – and implicitly bracelet wins. He not only remembers where you were, what, when and how many did, but quite noticeable in everyday life. And if you want to make it visible, simply change the strap to a brighter.

Pros Sony SmartBand:

  • Intelligent Service;
  • battery life;
  • removable straps (9 colors);
  • watertight.

Cons Sony SmartBand:

  • under the hand strap COMPLETE sweats;
  • needs smartphone application.

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