Samsung has answered iTunes Radio

When we talk about Apple, first of all we have in mind a company that produces top-notch portable devices and computers. However, Apple – it’s a giant in the world of media. They bring the iTunes Store is not a small income and is the largest in its market. Korean company Samsung has succeeded largely, but not here, but they tend to catch up.

In June last year, Apple introduced the seventh version of its mobile operating system. In addition to recycled design in iOS 7 introduces some new features, including access to streaming audio service iTunes Radio.  And now Samsung has given its answer should be immediately informed colleagues of Business Insider.

New Korean service was called Milk, and it is available for free for users of smartphones Galaxy. Milk provides access to more than 13 million tracks with 200 themed radio stations. The service was launched with the support of Slacker – Internet Radio for Android-powered devices.

Korean service differs somewhat from iTunes Radio. For example the fact that it is absolutely free. Apple also does not take money for the audition, but embeds advertising if you have not paid for the service iTunes Match . Apparently, in the Samsung is well aware that Android users do not want to pay any money or attention. No advertising in Milk.

We can once again accuse Koreans copying . On the other hand, they do not just want to give users the Galaxy all that owners have iPhone. Every major tech company expands its scope of work, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that Samsung wants its music store, their cloud storage and its online radio.

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