Samsung Galaxy K Zoom officially presented

Only that the company Samsung has officially introduced a novelty for fans of perversion – like me! It is a smartphone with a 10x optical zoom – Galaxy K Zoom. If you close the section of mobile photos on our website, or you will always know that you are slowly dying talent – this is for you too!

First Galaxy S4 Zoom was a kind of feeling out of the soil. The device could hardly become a mass, however, a certain feature in it was – it was the first smartphone with a 10x optical zoom. And he actually took pictures so others could not, and this new experience that I liked. However, the size and weight of the device did not meet the smartphone, and the body was not so small, and it also added a handle for more comfortable shooting. Whether it was necessary to do it in a smartphone? Obviously not, because most of the time, such a device simply bulging pockets. And the sleek design, I did not like. Second generation solved all these problems and now, for the first time this year, began to stir in me hotelochka! And now the novelty is not a continuation line Galaxy S, the company identified in a separate line – K.

For a start, the smartphone has become much smaller, it can be seen with the naked eye. Dimensions – 137.5 x 70.8 x 16.6 mm, although at its thickest point – 20.2 mm, weight – 200 g Now there is this arm, with a folded lens smartphone practically knocked among many others. From something had to give, but it is possible to understand the dimensions now enjoys. For example, missing tripod mount, it was previously on the bottom. Now the top has the volume keys, and lock the shutter, and the bottom – only memory card slot Micro SD.

A body is now made of the same material as the Samsung Galaxy S 5, that is – a nice soft touch. Cool same!

PhotoChances of new items: 1/2, 3 “BSI CMOS matrix with a resolution of 20.7 megapixels, 10x optical zoom, optical image stabilization and a xenon flash. As smartphone device is also good, although not up to the top models. And nothing important in it – the photo. Processor – Six-Core Exynos 5260, in Galaxy Note 3 Neo (quad-core 1.3 GHz and 1.7 GHz for two), graphics Mali-T624, RAM – 2 GB user – 8 GB. Display – 4,8 “Super AMOLED, resolution – 1280×720 pixels. Hopefully, the same as in the Galaxy S 3. Battery capacity – 2430 mAh removable battery. Powered Galaxy K Zoom running Android 4.4.2. 

I really liked the update, I certainly want to sound like a novelty, as a core smartphone (and hence the camera). I am sure this will turn out a remarkable record with examples of photos!

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