Robots are everywhere

Immediately after the onset of celebrations in 2014 we learned with the vision of the development of technologies of the former Director General of Google Eric Schmidt. At that time they touched upon smartphones, tablets, social networks and even medicine, but Schmidt did not say a single word about that industry, which is currently focused the minds of many of the search giant, led by Andy Rubin.

It is about the robots , which should simplify the human existence. Until recently many were convinced that the new draft of the introduction of limited production lines, but it is not so. On what may become robots to humans, became known thanks to a recent interview with Bloomberg.

First of all, it is worth noting that the company has already invested huge amounts of money in promoting this technology. For several months, Google bought at least eight robot manufacturers. The most popular among the latter is Boston Dynamics, known for cheetah robot capable of a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. However, attention should be paid and other developments. In particular, the team members Meka succeeded in creating androids, echoing human facial expressions and robots and all of Schaft were created to carry out rescue operations.

So, it is clear that Google is available not only a huge amount of engineers who know their business, but also opportunities to implement their ideas . But what will they be?

Unfortunately many, Schmidt told about the features of the first-born of a cyborg, but little information has been made public yet.

Head of the Board of Directors of Google noted that currently the development focused on the improvement of a kind of artificial intelligence. Their ultimate goal is to create a machine that will be able to anticipate the needs of its owner, instead of asking questions. In other words, instead of action confirmation robots will offer a turnkey solution.

If you think that this idea – a fantasy, we hasten to disappoint you. A good example is the voice assistant Google Now, who knows your approximate schedule and on this basis takes certain decisions.

However, the main key to success is that Schmidt himself more than confident in the success of this direction. According to his statement, soon to imagine life without the robots will be difficult, since the latter will be everywhere.

And what, in your opinion, will turn this idea? Robotic butlers robots lifeguards or something else? Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments.

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