Review of smartphone Nokia X2 Dual SIM

Review of smartphone Nokia X2 Dual SIM

Review of smartphone Nokia X2 Dual SIM

«Nokia X with Android-apps” – this unsophisticated phrase could be met on the set of billboards, the word «Nokia» and «Android» were bold. Yes, the combination of mobile brand since “warm tube” and the names of the most popular smartphone operating system for the first time attracted fans of the brand, but in fact the Nokia X proved to be very specific “smartphone”.

And on the way the second iteration of this device – Nokia X2 Dual SIM, let us together to understand the advisability of purchasing this smartphone.

Meet on clothes …

Nokia X2 looks stylish design borrowed from the model range Lumia. The front panel has traditionally glossy and black, in contrast to the cover, which can be orange, green, black and white. It is notable that over the colored plastic is present as a transparent layer that is visible when looking at the unit at an angle. The rear panel and the side faces are an integral unit, so to gain access to the battery and a slot for micro-SIM and microSD, it will have to be removed. Hot replacement of any of the cards in this device can not be – you need to remove the battery.

Review of smartphone Nokia X2 Dual SIM

One of the differences from the Nokia X is present on the front panel does not only touch the back button, but also a dedicated key transition to the main screen. Now long press the arrow button allows you to open the multitasking bar – previously this was not possible. At the ends of all the usual – the volume buttons and the power on the left, and the microUSB and audio jack on the top.

Software platform Nokia X 2.0

With the release of Nokia X2 Finnish American manufacturer also introduced a new version of the original shell. Key features of it have remained unchanged: desktop themes in the style of Windows Phone, deep integration services of Microsoft and the complete absence of those from Google. Traced here and features of stock Android – it’s the notification bar and menu for general settings smartphone.

Review of smartphone Nokia X2 Dual SIM

Lock screen by default, displays the current time in large digits, and notification icons. But he modified while playing music – instead of wallpaper display album art. In other cases, “mutations” could not be found. Go to your desktop, you can swipe up, also want to note the support unlock double tapping.

Desk here is not similar to Android – it’s colored plitochki that supersede shortcuts and widgets, depending on the size of the rectangle. You can customize them to your liking, except the icons are standard applications – their colors are strictly regulated. For example, Facebook – blue, settings – gray dialer – green.

After a swipe to the right menu will be “Recent”, which is a dump of the last running applications and notifications, sorted in chronological order. The last time I watched this yet when testing Nokia Asha 501. If you do on the desktop, swipe to the left will open a menu of all the applications in alphabetical order – exactly like in Windows Phone.

Review of smartphone Nokia X2 Dual SIM

As for branded apps Nokia, here a “full ground meat”: a utility to transfer contacts from your old phone (not necessarily a smartphone, using Bluetooth), cloud service OneDrive, a great map for offline navigation Here Maps, app store, post office Outlook, a few demos -version games. Of course, have not gone away, applications such as player, universal mail client gallery. All are decorated in the style of those for Windows Phone and have minimal functionality. In our market in the device is also pre-installed services Yandex. Yandex It helped me when installing applications – because their store in the absence of Google Play Market is the richest in the program.

Display Nokia X2 Dual SIM

The smartphone is a display with a diagonal of 4.3 inches and a resolution of 480×800 pixels – by today’s standards it is a little, but I’m sure that there are buyers who want a compact smartphone. Frankly, Nokia X2 could be pokompaktnee by reducing the frames around the screen, but for such a small body that’s forgivable, is the device in your hand perfectly. As for the screen, he got IPS-matrix technology ClearBlack. If we translate this into human language, there is excellent viewing angles and really natural black color. The only thing there is a claim, which is the minimum level of brightness – in the dark to work with the screen is not too convenient. In the sun, the display is well-behaved.

Camera Nokia X2 Dual SIM

Review of smartphone Nokia X2 Dual SIM

The device two cameras – front VGA and Megapixel primary. If you have nothing to say about the first, the second was pleasantly surprised. It should be noted that, in comparison to its predecessor, it stands out the presence of LED flash. Here are a few settings, because the conditions are far from ideal, the camera is often mistaken.

Performance and autonomy Nokia X2 Dual SIM

Review of smartphone Nokia X2 Dual SIM

Since we face a budget smartphone, then any miracles from it should not be expected. Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core 200 by 1.2 GHz each. Performance is decent, thanks in part to a gigabyte of RAM – a significant improvement after the paltry 512 MB in the first generation. No delays and brake interface I have not noticed, popular games, too wound up with a half-turn, and that’s hard to run simulations do not recommend. Due to the relatively new chipset and capacious 1800 mAh battery smartphone quietly works for two or three days with a full-time data transmission. Despite the fact that the apparatus dvuhsimny, there is only one radio module, with all the attendant – unavailability of the second card during the conversation through the first and others. Built-in memory in the smartphone 4 GB Compatible memory cards microSD.

Results and experience Nokia X2

Impressions of this device are twofold – like and a decent smartphone, but the lack of Google services for me was a lot of inconvenience. If you do not so much integrated into the ecosystem of the search giant Yandex services or prefer, the significant disadvantages you will not notice. Another drawback I find the lack of USB-cable to connect to your computer – the charger is not a tandem cable and adapter, and the old format. At the same time, good screen housing and engaging it incline to purchase that device. In the benefits can also be written good speaker and microphone, confident network coverage – as a dialer unit is not bad. In comparison with the B-brands the price seems too high, there is clearly a manufacturer makes the margin for label design and Nokia, which are not as valuable as it once, but still alive in the memory of the inhabitants.

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