Canon PowerShot G3 X review: new camera with nice zoom

Canon PowerShot G3 X review: new camera with nice zoom

Compact new camera with nice zoom market no longer exists. What we see – residual effects. This is already possible to write as a fait accompli.

We have said many times about how to survive companies producing photo equipment, in the new conditions. It first of all – the release of more upscale, functional and, therefore, expensive cameras, which allows to make quality, not quantity. This trend fits perfectly into the new generation of superzoom with large format sensors 1”, in the manner of Sony RX100 or Nikon 1: Sony RX10 (now the Sony RX10 II) and Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. Canon long remained on the sidelines holding to develop in this direction its top-end compact series. Following models G1 X Mark II and G7 X, we got a camera G3 X with the same size sensor and 25x zoom.

Today the 25-fold zoom and one-inch sensor – the most impressive combination. Champion up to this point has been Panasonic FZ1000 with 16x zoom. 35mm equivalent focal length of the lens new camera with nice zoom Canon PowerShot G3 X – 24-600 mm. To enter such optics in a small enclosure (which is the most compact among camera competitors), it took a little engineering marvel.

Canon PowerShot G3 X review: new camera with nice zoom

But how such a combination generally works – that is the question. Maximum flexibility does not necessarily mean the ultimate comfort and quality.

As a rule, superzoom because of the size of optics takes the form and dimensions of an SLR new camera with nice zoom. Canon PowerShot G3 X – exception. This pattern is very similar in appearance to a series of G1 X, only with a bigger lug for grip with rubberized coating. This is also due to the lack of the viewfinder – need to look for him a place on the housing developers have not. His design new camera with nice zoom G3 X can hardly attract someone – this is not the most handsome gadget in history – here it is necessary to appreciate only the combination of size and capacity.

This is a relatively small but pretty heavy camera, but with replaceable optics. So, over these seven hundred grams with a little you will not have to carry anything – except that the external flash (“hot shoe” allows you to use an external light). The projection for the grip is not very big, but I thought he was very thoughtful and sufficient; a playground for the thumb. Second Hand holding the optics – the usual grip, “mirror”.

Building is impressive, as well as the materials from which made housing – is textured plastic, metal and rubber lens. The only thing that confuses – the movable element in the lens, which shakes and rattles when the camera is turned off, but ceases to scare turned on. Presumably, this is an optical stabilizer.

On a set of interface connectors it can be seen that the new camera with nice zoom G3 X marks in the second segment of the cameras for professionals: in addition to standard HDMI and USB, and we can see a connector for wired remote control and minijacks headphone and microphone. Full set.
Professional management

Manage a little more ramified than G1 X Mark II. For the normal set, hotkeys added drive compensation, the optional navigation selector (in addition to the ring near the JOG) and the “extra” soft keys. Start button, wireless functions “moved” closer to the upper edge.

Canon PowerShot G3 X review: new camera with nice zoom

A curious thing: the bottom of the new camera with nice zoom Canon PowerShot G3 X tripod two holes – one thread, the other denied it.

Another point: the ring on the lens is used exclusively for manual focus or for some other things, such appointment ISO, which can be configured via the menu. But not for the zoom – zoom is fully the responsibility of the lever in the area of the shutter button. I would not say that it is inconvenient, but a little strange decision.

The interface is close to the amateur SLRs Canon, it is different from what we saw on the G1 X and G7X – and different for the better, the speed of access to important settings above. There is a very reasonably arranged the quick menu, I liked the use of additional keys to quickly change some settings (such as turning off RAW by pressing the DISP) – not necessarily looking for all the details on the screen.

Viewfinder, as I wrote above, no. It can be added through the “hot shoe”, it comes as an optional accessory. The default value is used for all the needs of the main screen. He immediately rather large – 3.2 inches; resolution – 1,620,000 pixels. This LCD with good viewing angles and very bright – but on a sunny day problems, alas, inevitable. Brightness, to save the situation is completely lacking. A little help can rotate the monitor vertically, can adjust up to 180 degrees, you can somehow turn away from it to direct sunlight, and even turn in the same plane, which is directed and lens – why not use this camera for self? Horizontally, the screen does not turn.

The display shows the grid, histogram, the horizon and various shooting settings. There is touch-sensitive surface, so some things you can do with your finger on the screen – this is the useful and efficient configuration, and in particular in selecting the focus point. This option does not interfere, and a professional camera, by the way.

Close Sensor

On the new camera with nice zoom Canon PowerShot G3 X uses the same sensor as in another superzoom this format, and Canon G7 X, and Sony RX100, for example – a one-inch Sony matrix effective resolution of 20.2 megapixels. Such a constant number of amusing, but it is a fact – this format sensor produces only Sony. At Canon has its own production of matrices for digital cameras, but for a couple of models deploy new pipeline company holds not considered necessary.

With the matrix in conjunction DIGIC processor works 6.

Canon PowerShot G3 X review: new camera with nice zoom

The speed of the new camera with nice zoom G3 X looks quite decent, though superzoom, as a rule, it does not shine. Turning for a moment, taking into account the time required for the nomination of the telescopic lens. Continuous shooting at up to 5.9 frames per second in JPEG (with a buffer capacity of 45-50 frames, depending on your settings), but only on the frames per second when shooting RAW – a familiar situation for the G7 X.

Not fast but precise focusing

Focus is exactly the same as on the G7 X and G1 X Mark II. Contrast method 31 points, covering the entire area of the frame. The speed of operation due to a kind of optics is not always high, but surprisingly little error, it’s pretty accurate. The minimum distance in macro – 5 cm in wide angle. Supports and manual focus: with the ability to increase the focus area or highlight the contours of objects in the area of the field (focus peaking).

The built-in flash provides illumination in the area of up to seven meters. Optionally, you can use an external flash, there is support for full-size flashes.

Canon PowerShot G3 X review: new camera with nice zoom

The image stabilizer, in this case, is simply a necessary element – superzoom without stabilizer viable. In telephoto you can quite confidently shoot without a tripod – it is a good idea. Get ungreased picture can be at the maximum focal length of the shutter speed around 1 / 20-1 / 30, a lot depends on the hardness of the hands of the photographer. In any case, a huge focal range it is working, it’s not for the “tick” as happens in ultrazoom easier. Electronic shutter, there is support for arbitrary exposure (Bulb), the minimum shutter speed – 1/2000. This, of course, the weakness of the camera, its restriction.

Unusual effects

Operating modes: The author, P / A / S / M, two custom, scene modes, creative filters, hybrid cars, “creative picture” video. Direct inheritance PoweShot G1 X Mark II and PowerShot G7 X.

All specific to the compact Canon modes we have already mentioned. Mainly it is “hybrid cars” that combines photographs and video surrounding the snapshot, and “creative snapshot”, giving the camera itself to choose which filters and treatment applied to the image: for each shot made six unique variations. I do not think much in demand, but interesting things. “Creative Image”, in particular, can be very please fans upload pictures from the camera to Instagram. Strange processing, so beloved by fans of the photographic social network, will abound.

Canon PowerShot G3 X review: new camera with nice zoom

The modules Wi-Fi and NFC. Appendix Canon CameraWindow, available for Android and iOS, lets you control the camera wirelessly at distances up to 5 m (and keeping and manual settings). You can save the images directly on your mobile device by one push of a button (also is available for the home PC, Twitter, Flickr, Google Drive, and Facebook). There is also a function of assigning tags photos with the built-in mobile device GPS.

Canon G3 X records video in the standard FullHD at 60 frames per second with progressive scan. It is possible to use a neutral density filter, the effect of “my colors”; have manual exposure settings, auto, corporate format iFrame, interval video shooting stars, shooting with filter “the miniature» (tilt-shift). Recording is carried out in the format of MP4, container MOV. Despite the headphone output and microphone input, to recommend to the professional use of Canon G3 X for the movie, I can not. Compared with the same Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 lacks 4K shooting, high bit rate, broadcast via HDMI, support for AVCHD. Everything is much simpler.

Amazing Optics

Lens from the new camera with nice zoom Canon PowerShot G3 X – the main feature of pride and model, Canon released its general optics not only for SLR models but compact. G7 X boasts best-in-class optics. G3 X on the characteristics of the lens is also extraordinary. Focal range: 8,8-220 mm (35 mm equivalent: 24-600 mm) aperture relative standard – f / 2.8-f / 5.6. At wide angle, suitable for shooting landscapes, you can shoot in the dark at a low ISO, it is convenient. Telephoto may be used primarily in normal lighting conditions or with high sensitivity. This is a limitation for the superzoom – are spared from Sony RX10 with a constant aperture, but it can boast a 10x zoom.

Picture lens pleasantly surprised – this from a similar superzoom not even expect it. In the wide-angle can achieve a decent sharpness and may even please the good bokeh in the telephoto image is noticeably “militia” and pixels – this image is suitable for publication in a small settlement on the Internet. For its size and characteristics of the lens, it works quite well – but we must bear in mind that it is valuable for its physical properties rather than artistic value outputted image.

Regarding the work of the sensor – everything is familiar. For its format very high-quality work – decent detailing, lightly crashing against the possibility of the lens, mediocre dynamic range, palely slightly, but, in general, close to the truth of color.

Auto works fine – the camera chooses from a large set of scenes, making it reasonably and accurately. The balance between high ISO and long exposure observed – no complaints either in too noisy or blurred images onto the machine. Shooting RAW in auto mode is not possible, as many software improvements.
Examples shooting

Verdict – new camera with nice zoom

Photography has always been on the brink in art – the art of spying and record the reality in unexpected ways. From this position, new camera with nice zoom Canon PowerShot G3 X looks an almost perfect camera in its capabilities: the combination of a relatively large matrix and the huge zoom. People in the most unlikely positions that do not suspect that they are removed? Please. Amateur footage of animals? No problem. New camera with nice zoom G3 X can be a godsend for the traveler who wants it all. And landscape lift, and a portrait and reportage. Normal, in general, a set of top-end compact, only here it is multiplied by the working 25x zoom. Secondly, the picture is not very high at the maximum zoom. Third, the lack of the built-in viewfinder. And lastly could deter most potential pros or enthusiasts seeking Me simple and relatively compact camera for traveling.

If we look at it from an amateur point of view, it is like a new camera with nice zoom Canon PowerShot G3 X looks the most interesting in relation to competitors. And Sony RX10 II, and Panasonic FZ1000 win against Canon in terms of video, the Sony a bit of interest due to the constant aperture, zoom, but this combined with the compactness of the matrix at the same none of them can offer.


  • The most compact camera in its niche
  • Excellent build
  • 25x zoom
  • Good picture quality
  • Good work at high ISO
  • Successful management
  • The connectors for microphone and headphone
  • Large and reclining touchscreen


  • The lack of a viewfinder
  • Low sharpness of the lens in telephoto
  • Mediocre possible when recording video
  • Swivel only vertical screen
  • Unpleasant booming stabilizer in the camera is turned off

Source: Canon

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