The new portable system for smartphones from HTC BoomBass


HTC has unveiled a new peripheral device for smartphones – stereo BoomBass. Formally, it is not a docking station, although the function of the stand for a smartphone can perform.


Smartphone BoomBass to be connected via NFC, and transfer music via Bluetooth 3.0. The function wired connection or by the type of docking station are not provided. Device power is still unknown, but the manufacturer promises that it will allow audiophiles to enjoy the music.


BoomBass expanding a successful brand Boom, owned by the Taiwanese company. Perhaps with the help of HTC want to compensate for a possible termination of the agreement with Beats Electronics. In mid-August, it was reported that an American company, 25% owned by HTC, intends to buy back its shares in order to find a new investor.


Cases from the Beats, unlike HTC, are fine. In this regard, they are looking for new ways to infusion and the development of the company, told The Wall Street Journal. Thus, in a short time, perhaps, HTC will release smartphones without the familiar red-and-gray (or white) logo on the back cover, or replace it with a new one.


Portable Stereo Speaker HTC BoomBass go on sale in mid-October.

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