Review of smartphone Apple iPhone 5S

Exactly one year ago on our test was already a smartphone suspiciously similar to the one that we hold in our hands now. This is not surprising, smartphones, Apple changes its appearance every two years, and since the design of Apple iPhone 5 has not yet knocked two that, with the exception of mechanical keys below the display and unpainted metal on the sidewalls change in his appearance did not have. Is that an experienced user will find another difference – a dual LED flash to the right of the main camera. At this end the external differences, the other changes are hidden inside: a new SoC, the new camera iSight, slightly more capacious battery and same size and so on. Let’s see how much fun to get a new smartphone Apple.
Recall that our readers have had the opportunity to read the review of the operating system iOS 7.0, as well as two test chambers: in one of them a novelty compared to its predecessor, and the device, which in theory should perform well, and in the second it is the product, the same LG G2, fully recovered from the first test.

Design and ergonomics

In view of the fact that the design, location of keys and materials, housing trends have not changed, we will not be repeated. We offer compare dimensions Apple iPhone and top-end devices based on other operating systems.

And let someone does not like it, but Apple iPhone is the most compact and the same time one of the most powerful devices on the market at the same time as the tests, time is comparable with the best Android-based smartphone. For those who appreciate space and, most importantly, is content with a 4-inch screen, it is best to be found. But the pampering users of Android-smartphone iPhone screen will obviously not enough.

Succeeding generation of devices to Apple solved the problem with peeling paint on the ends of the shell. The new iPhone this part of the body left unpainted. The right decision. This is not only beneficial from a practical point of view, but also adds a nostalgic notes of the smartphone: from the front, it looks like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.

Round button below the display changed fingerprint scanner. The extent to which this decision necessary and useful, time will tell, but now some of the producers decided to equip some of its new products similar. Note that the scanner works quite well. On the unlocking takes less time, as if you were using a 4-digit code.
The last difference can be seen when looking at the back of the smartphone. To the right of the camera lens and the openings of the second microphone is a dual LED flash. With such tricks Apple is trying to overcome the unnatural colors when shooting with flash. It must be said that the smartphone does lend closer to reality with the use of flash photography, but what is the merit of dual LEDs, and what is the competent processing algorithms, hard to judge.

Operating system

Hardware Platform

Smartphone Apple iPhone 5S got a new hardware platform Apple A7. A7 chip made on 28-nanometer process technology and includes a dual-core 64-bit processor running at 1.3 GHz, a graphics accelerator PowerVR G6430 and 1 GB of RAM. The amount of internal storage depends on the version and can be 16/32 or 64 GB. We visited on the last test. Of the 64 GB 59 GB user available.

By the standards of Android-smartphone, the characteristics of the new chip Apple more than modest, but each time wondering why the iPhone once again was faster than the best Android-smartphone. On the one hand, a considerable share of the benefits, iPhone adds a low screen resolution, because the bulk of the same flagship Android-smartphone equipped with a Full HD-display, which is three times higher 1136h640 points in the iPhone 5S, and thus work with the CPU and the GPU is much more. In addition, some of the resources eat off “special” shell, it is clearly seen on Android-devices of the family Nexus, on Android 4.3 which is literally flying. On the other hand, iOS 7.0 is also not perfect, and she has come freezes and glitches. To understand this, just a few days is not very active work with the iPhone 5S. In any case, any games on Android can easily run on iOS, but on the contrary is not always. Often, all the new game development appear first under iOS, and then later for Android, in rare cases, this is at the same time. But aside from that, the game on Android operating less smoothly than on the iPhone, iPad, iPod.

The volume of ring dynamics is quite high, the sound is clean and pleasant. The sound quality of the headphones is average, the stock volume is sufficient for listening to music in any setting. The speaker volume is high with a good margin. Data Rate network WiFi-average. In the GPS-satellite search takes several seconds.

Over the last week there were many complaints about the performance deteriorated time of Apple iPhone 5 after upgrading to iOS 7.0. It is difficult to judge to what extent the problem of massive and serious, one thing is for sure, with the iPhone 5S similar problems were noted. With the active use: phone calls, social networks, synchronizing accounts Gmail, photography, smartphone easily survive to the end of the day. In conditions in which we are testing other, iPhone 5S showed very good results.


Display Apple iPhone 5S got from his predecessor – is IPS-matrix with 4-inch diagonal and a resolution of 1136h640 points (326 PPI). The matrix sensor and made in one piece, eliminating the air gap between them, the technology In-Cell, analog OSG, ZeroGap and the like. Minimum level of illumination corresponds to 4.4 cd/m2, the maximum – 470 cd/m2. The two extreme values ​​are comfortable to work in the dark and bright sunlight, respectively. Maximum viewing angles, natural color, with warm white and black uniform, but in contrast there is a claim – the reason for it, noticeably faded black. At this parameter iPhone 5S inferior to most modern smartphones with IPS-matrix.


In the two previous reviews of this material as widely as possible, we have tried to reveal the capabilities of the camera iPhone 5S. We found out that the smartphone has made a significant leap in quality compared to the iPhone 5.

This contributes to a larger sensor size while maintaining its resolution, the increase in pixel size, which is a consequence of the first, the lens with an aperture of f/2.2 vs f/2.4 at the iPhone 4s / 5, the existence of the program of stabilization and dual LED flash. The changes were made and the front camera FaceTime (like Apple’s to give all the name …). It also uses a new sensor with a pixel size of 1.9 microns versus 1.75 predecessor, but the resolution and lens speed remained the same – 1280×960 pixels and f/2.4 respectively. Despite remaining the same aperture of the lens, with things being equal, an increase in the sensor caused the possibility of getting more light pictures and video, rather than using the iPhone 5.

Viewfinder interface has received a number of changes. Users can now not only enable / disable HDR and flash, but also the choice of one and nine effects, fast switching between record HD-video at 120 frames / s, Full HD-video, photos with an aspect ratio of 4:3 or 1:1 and panoramas. Focus speed is high. When focusing, you can rely on automatic or you can manually specify which object to sfokurirovatsya.

The results

At first glance, the smartphone Apple iPhone 5S may seem good enough to want to switch to it its iPhone 5. He got the exact same design as its predecessor, but there are no problems with peeling paint. It appeared a fingerprint scanner and a 64-bit processor. The need for both highly questionable and yet, other manufacturers have already announced the imminent appearance of a 64-bit processor and a fingerprint scanner in their updates. His camera still remained 8 MP, but its quality has improved, as can be seen when compared with the iPhone 5. Despite the preserved size, the manufacturer has put into the body more capacious battery and let the difference is not significant, but it is there and is clearly visible when working with smartphones previous and current generations.
In general, the new Apple iPhone 5S looks a worthy substitute precursor and a good alternative for those who are not after a smartphone with a large screen, and prefers to have a quality thing as much as a compact metal body


+ Dimensions
+ Body Materials
+ Ergonomics
+ Hardware Platform
+ Autonomy
+ Cameras
+ Ecosystem
+ Display
+ The volume and voice quality speakers
+ The presence of additional safety features – a fingerprint scanner

Do not like it

– Out of the deep black color of the screen
– Screen size in comparison with the current generation of smartphones on other operating systems

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