Smartphone Lenovo Vibe X2 review

Smartphone Lenovo Vibe X2 review

Smartphone Lenovo Vibe X2 review

Lenovo is the entire 2014 successfully proved that he can produce excellent smartphones, and Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek chipsets her constantly helped. By the end of last year, Lenovo has become one of the first companies to be tested in your device, Lenovo Vibe X2, fresh chipset MediaTek MT6595M. It is notable for the fact that the world’s first eight-proposed platform with integrated LTE-modem, and at the same time it is here that debuted top core ARM Cortex-A17 (those that are 20% more powerful than the Cortex-A15). Lenovo has chosen the most balanced in terms of their power and a stand-alone version of the chipset with index “M”. If a more powerful versions of the single-chip platform frequency cores ARM Cortex-A17 up to 2.5 or 2.2 GHz, and Cortex-A7 – 1,7 GHz, the MediaTek MT6595M is 2 and 1.5 GHz, respectively.

Lenovo outside the box came to the design of the box – packing consists of two parts and directly “box” with accessories and smartphone also divided into two levels. Urbana moments of the distribution kit – absolutely clear case of the “bumper”. That is logical – it would be foolish to block cover delights case design. The rest of us before the headset cable microUSB, AC adapter, a needle to extract key SIM-card holder, as well as manual and warranty card.

Chinese manufacturers managed to release a smartphone that is not lost among the hundreds of black and gray “colleagues” – this now does not happen often. Lenovo is clearly designed the younger audiences, rather tired of the same type of “bricks”. First of all, Lenovo Vibe X2 noteworthy bright “sunny” colors of the shell. Model made a four, each level has its own color, from the bottom to top is light golden, rich golden, orange and black. However, if you prefer quieter colors, there is a version with black and gray shades. Also available in the extravagant design – burgundy and bright red color.

The body is made from a lack of smooth transitions between the parties, which could degrade the ergonomics. However, this design feature did not affect the convenience of working with a smartphone because of its small thickness – 7.2 mm at a modest weight of 120, all in perfect order and with the materials of the case – back cover is made of metal. Although many observers about this and did not tell. What is to be expected – Lenovo excellent “hidden” material, with good intentions, we could not distinguish it from the plastic.

Smartphone Lenovo Vibe X2 review

Smartphone monolithic – disassemble the cabinet we are not allowed. Build quality is very high, no creaks or backlash. Keyset is most convenient – the power button and volume controls are located on the same end, right.

Below – the connector microUSB, above – 3.5 mm audio output. Alas, microSD card slot no.

“Cot” for micro-SIM card is on the left side.

At the top, there are light sensors and proximity, as well as the earpiece and front camera.

Below the screen is three touch keys with backlight.

The back side is the camera and flash, both even a millimeter do not protrude above the hull. At the bottom of multimedia speaker set, and the right of the three pins to connect accessories. For example, for Lenovo Vibe X2 sold Case with integrated extra battery.

Model “equipped with” 5-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels used IPS-matrix. All the attributes of a top smartphone available – shield protects the glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and between the sensor layer and the matrix is no air gap.

Supply of decent brightness, the sun does not display model “blind.” Lenovo paid particular attention to the settings screen, brightness and color hue of the image can be changed manually.

Powerful and unusual: a review of Lenovo Vibe X2 smartphone chipset MediaTek MT6595M

We also note the presence of proprietary technology MediaTek ClearMotion. When it is turned on while playing a video with a frame rate of 24-30 f / s, this parameter is increased to 60 K / s. So in dynamic scenes objects become clearer during the movement, and the video itself plays more smoothly. We tested the theory in practice – indeed, mysteriously frame rate grows, the picture is less jerky.

And again, “hello” from MediaTek, a Lenovo Vibe X2 have the technology MiraVision Taiwanese chip maker. When you activate the option, the screen brightness is regulated not only based on the lighting conditions, but also on the basis of the color gamut pictures on the display. So on the one hand under the sun will be more visible dark colors (light, on the contrary, prig lush at), and in the dark eyes do not get tired and do not be blinded by the glare. This smartphone is called “the street”, although with the same success it is useful in the room.

Smartphone Lenovo Vibe X2 review

An illustrative example – in the picture above at MiraVision activation, increases the brightness of the image with a predominance of dark shades. At the same refreshment without this option, the image is less bright that in games or movies will reduce the intelligibility of the picture.

In Lenovo Vibe X2 uses a 5 megapixel front and rear 13 megapixel cameras has a flash, it can also work as a flashlight.

The photo quality is excellent, slightly lower than the current smartphone flagship smartphone in this matter. Noteworthy color rendition – vibrant colors, decent contrast images. All over the frame is not “soap”, good clarity persists in cloudy weather. Note also automation – a model correctly puts in difficult conditions the white balance and exposure, including work in low light conditions. In general, we definitely recommend Lenovo Vibe X2 as a replacement for an ordinary “Soap”.

5 megapixel front – “paradise” for fans of “self.” These users will certainly be pleased by the fact that for them implemented special treatment. CPU MediaTek MT6595M in hardware support JavaScript Face Beautifier. It allows you to achieve a smooth and fair skin, in fact, it is a mobile analog of “Photoshop”. Implementation is at the “iron” is likely to be required for more rapid processing and quality as compared with exclusively in software with a similar goal.

Smartphone Lenovo Vibe X2 review

During the performance, said here comply chipset MediaTek MT6595M, graphics chip PowerVR G6200 and 2 GB of RAM. To store the information requested to 32 GB of memory, of which 5 GB is reserved for the system. Alas, memory card support is not provided, so that the choice of content for storage should be approached responsibly.

MediaTek CorePilot in Lenovo Vibe X2 – “our all”, with the help of this technology chipset somehow combines the core of different architectures, and along with individually selected for their frequency depending on the task. We add to this special task scheduler control body temperature – and get a good tool of rational distribution of power. CorePilot advantage is that it can add to the smart phone time “speed”, but it is closely monitoring the case and overheating are out wasting battery. As a result, as we have not perfected the skill of shooting in the Modern Combat 5, Lenovo Vibe X2 only add a couple of degrees in temperature in the vicinity of the logo on the cover.

Directly with the performance, as you know, a full order. Lenovo Vibe X2 successfully “ate” all the proposed 3D-game resolution Full HD, whether Asphalt 8 with maximum settings or additional effects pleasing especially for MediaTek MT6595M shooter Modern Combat 5. Complaints caused only NOVA 3 – the first few levels of the texture of buildings were full of artifacts.

According to the AnTuTu, the brainchild of Lenovo closes the top three most powerful smartphone in the world. Of course, affects processor performance while only graphics benchmarks smartphone shows the level slightly above average.

Smartphone software side “rules» Android 4.4.2 KitKat with prospects upgrade to release Lollipop. Standard shell replaced by a brand VIBE UI, that definitely went for the benefit of the unit. Style interface MIUI almost cleaned “rewrote” all aspects of Android – the replacement of icons to the original ways to perform tasks such as installing wallpaper. But most importantly – the system does not break and running smoothly, obvious glitches and problems were found. A small fly in the ointment is the change of orientation of the screen, it could happen a little faster.

Smartphone Lenovo Vibe X2 review

The thinness of the body forced to abandon Lenovo capacious battery – for a very long “autonomy” should apply to classical or new Lenovo P780 P70. Battery capacity in Vibe X2 is 2300 mAh, which for a 5-inch Full HD-smartphone with an 8-core processor is not very much. But do not forget the tricks MediaTek, which allowed eventually achieve an acceptable autonomy.

On average, Lenovo Vibe X2 holds “from the wall outlet to outlet” from morning till evening, with an average operation rate at the end of the day is 10-15% charge. About particulars – smartphone allows about 7 o’clock watch video and play 3D-games turns up to 3 hours. Of course, Lenovo could not do without its own technology to reduce energy consumption. In an active Lenovo Vibe X2 so-called emergency mode (only calls and SMS), choice of programs with mandatory shutdown in sleep mode and smart economy. The latter is limited to the screen brightness and power of the GPU.

Among wireless standards, Lenovo Vibe X2 is not enough unless the NFC, whose usefulness in Russia is still in question. The model supports 3G network and 4G / LTE, Wi-Fi b / g / n / as, Bluetooth 4.1 with the profile of LE, have + receiver GLONASS / GPS. Smartphone confidently holds network problems receiving calls or commission, we have not identified. As for LTE, it all depends on the operator and coverage. This smartphone has been tested in the MTS networks, with rare exception model is not “capricious” – data transfer rate is clearly varied depending on the number of subscribers in a particular area.

In total Lenovo Vibe X2

Lenovo Vibe X2 interesting rare combination today – Lenovo designers have created a smartphone “beautiful”, and with its fresh MediaTek chipset MediaTek MT6595M made a model of “smart”. One could find fault with the stand-alone model, but just in case, Lenovo has provided additional cover-lid, which is not particularly increases the size, but it adds another 2300 mAh.

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