Revolar - a clever device for personal safety

Revolar – a clever device for personal safety

Revolar - a clever device for personal safety

CEO and founder Jacqueline Ros Revolar organized in 2013. Inspired by the love of his sister, who was attacked twice, Jacqueline wanted to find a solution to the problem of personal safety. Answers to all questions are given tiny device Revolar. It allows you to call for help when you need it. With just one click of a button, your loved ones will always know your exact GPS-location and realize that you need help. The creators strive to give its customers the “opportunity to live more or less to fear.”

You can insert your own core module in the chassis, which is available in different colors: white, blue and black. This function allows you to customize your Revolar according to your needs and desires. The housing is waterproof, and a battery will last for a year of work. The device is synchronized with the iPhone and Android smartphone using Bluetooth. The Free mobile application allows the user to update the contact list and synchronize your phone with the device.

Revolar - a clever device for personal safety

To date, the project has collected on the platform Kickstarter $ 32.645 of the required $ 75,000. Raking in $ 150,000, the creators promise to add an option to record voice messages and received $ 200,000, they will add a search function of your smartphone.

Meanwhile, gadget (and personal safety with him) will cost you $ 40.

Source: Kickstarter

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