11 surprises from Apple Watch

11 surprises from Apple Watch

11 surprises from Apple Watch

Journalist portal Cnet fortunate enough during the week to vilify new Apple Watch. Not yet available for sale Apple Watch. The fact that he learned during that time. He decided to share with readers. Surely, you know not all about the new product from Apple.

Let’s look at the basic qualities Apple Watch:

1. Ten of the currently existing dials Apple Watch incredible. But choose some other impossible. Unlike Pebble, Samsung Gear or Android Vear. There are no additional design options that you can download.

2. Power saving mode introduces clock in a coma. If the clock battery is running low. You can set the mode. And the device will display only the time. If you want to go back to normal. Need to reboot hours that lasts for a minute.

3. You can make purchases without Apple Pay. QR-Codes: remember these codes? By the application of Passbook. You can easily add a QR-code on the phone. And use these codes to Apple Watch.

4. Various straps can be attached to all collections Apple Watch. Easily replaced straps can be combined with various models of hours.

5. The device can not be used to start or end a call on your iPhone. Wait possible? This, oddly enough, though: you can make and answer calls on Apple Watch. And then transfer them to your iPhone, to continue the conversation. But you can not put on the headphones. And connect to the phone. Put the phone in your pocket and use your watch to dial the number.

6. Wireless Accessories for charging phones do not work with the clock Apple. Those devices that journalist tried to charge the watch. Including type 2 devices Qi and A4WP. Have not been able to charge Apple Watch. To recharge the watch, you need a unique magnetic inductive charging cable.

7. Siri – the most nimble option in the device. I never thought that Siri can be so useful. I usually use to scroll or digital wheel to find what I need. However, you can just say, “Hey, Siri.” And this phrase will launch the application will make a call, dictate a message.

8. Some of the “tactical feeling” too elusive. Vibration used in Apple Watch elusive. For those who are accustomed to strong vibration. These changes will be striking.

9. Use the Apple Watch can take screenshots. On, the Apple device capable of it. “Photos of the screen” are in the library iPhone.

10. The backup is stored on your phone. If you want to format the Apple Watch. All data will be stored in the backup on your phone.

11. You can connect to Apple Watch external Bluetooth-enabled device. Such a device may be a heart rate monitor. This device will measure heart rate.

Source: Cnet

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