New Print Prynt photos using the shell for your smartphone

Prynt – new Print photos using the shell for your smartphone

New Print Prynt photos using the shell for your smartphone

While digital photos are now stored only in online services or on the phone, the specialists of the French startup Prynt decided to plunge into the past and created a body for a smartphone with built-in photo-printer. The invention was announced in November last year. But now it was reported that the device will be available soon. The project is looking for financial support on the website Kickstarter. Prynt for the first half hour scored $ 50,000.

Your photos are transferred from your smartphone to a printer over a wireless connection. The chassis can be loaded simultaneously Prynt up to 10 sheets for printing. Note that the printer prints the images instantly on inkless printing technology. Filling each new cartridge will cost you $ 5. You can print images from your Photo report as well as photos saved from Facebook or Instagram. The selected image can be processed in a special filter.

New Print Prynt photos using the shell for your smartphone

One battery charge is enough for you to print 20 images. Each image will have a size 5 * 7, 5 cm. Therefore, the printed photo, you can attach on the fridge or make small pictures memorable collage. Already raised print photos to the lens on your smartphone, you will see on the video screen, recreated on a picture. The device is compatible with the iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C and 6, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5.

The cost of this compact printer will be $ 49. The device will be available in blue, pink and white. Retail price for this increase to $ 99. Home sales scheduled for August.

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