Overview smartphone Acer Liquid Z4


Pros: appearance, shell Acer Float UI, support for two SIM-cards, loud and quality earpiece

Cons: behavior in the sun and the lack of front camera, slow interface

Conclusion: The classic representative of the initial segment, the popularity of which will depend on the official price

Compact design. Excellent screen. Immediately ready to shoot. Clean sound. All it says about your company Acer new smartphone Liquid Z4. Sounds impressive, right? Let’s see whether this budget smartphone has all the above qualities.

Liquid Z4, we’ve got before the official start of sales, in the form of pre-sales of the sample without a single accessory and even the charger. Of course, to know his future, we can not complete set. One can only assume that this will be a simple little headset and charger with AC adapter.

Design and Ergonomics Acer Liquid Z4

We test on a smartphone in black with touches of red. Besides black version will be available in white. Acer Liquid Z4 is designed in classic candy bar form factor with rounded edges of the matte and glossy plastic. The thickness of the device is 9.7 mm, which is not a record, but quite good for the budget unit. In the pocket of jeans or pants to wear comfortable gadget. On the front of the grid located at the ends of the red, under which hide the earpiece above and multimedia speaker with microphone below. The entire front part is the display without glass coated oleophobic coating, over which emblazoned inscription Acer, proximity sensor, and light events. Display frames frame of glossy black plastic. Below the display are three touch-sensitive keys without light – “Back”, “Home” and “Manager running applications.” If you hold the center runs Google Now, when you press the right-most window opens with the last four running applications and multiple programs that can run on top of other applications (analog QSlide from LG).

On the right side is only serving volume button. Left side panel does not have a single control. The upper end has collected himself Power / Lock key and connector mini-jack. At the lower end is the same connector Micro-USB.

Sides are slightly pointed shape. The back side of the smartphone has a round speaker with a camera module with a red stroke, flash, microphone and multifunction button AcerRAPID, which resembles in its capabilities similar decision in the latest smartphones from the company LG. Located in the center embossed logo Acer, and at the bottom of the logo DTS.


The back cover is held by snap on and take off like all modern smartphones. Under the hood we find the battery, two slots for Micro-SIM-card and a slot for memory cards microSD. Build quality is on a good level, creaking appears only under strong pressure to the rear cover, otherwise no complaints. Recall that we do not test on a commercial sample, therefore, to argue that the smartphone bought in the store will behave exactly the same way, we can not.

Operating system and shell Acer Liquid Z4

Acer Liquid Z4 runs on Android 4.2.2 operating system using proprietary shell Acer Float UI. About this shell was written in the test Acer Liquid Z5 . In a nutshell, the shell is pretty and functional, but the interface does not always work smoothly. I want to highlight the ability to run four applications (calculator, notes, camera, stopwatch) and widgets on top of other windows – this function is called at the right touch with the “Manager running applications.” In the same way can be implemented to answer incoming calls and messages – a tooltip with the call or SMS appears on top of the open application

Among the pre-installed software is a “File Manager”, “Flashlight”, “Energy”, “Backup”, “Simple view”, “Barcode Scanner” and cloud service AcerCloud. AcerCloud is some variation of Google Drive, Dropbox and the like – to use to install the program on your PC and start Acer id, then photos, audio, video files and documents from your smartphone will be visible on your PC and vice versa. Diversifies shell “Simple view” that turns a smartphone on Android Windows Phone-like device – sorry just not quite correct operation of the interface (start the camera takes about 30 seconds, not intuitive, etc.) does not normally use them.

Original decision seemed floating screen lock – when you press the unlock button widget appears (of which several to choose from) and lower panel duplicated applications over which floats animated wave responsive to tilt smartphone.

Hardware Platform Acer Liquid Z4

The smartphone is built on a hardware platform MediaTek MT6572. It includes two core Cortex-A7 with a frequency of 1.3 GHz and a graphics core Mali-400MP. RAM 512 MB non-volatile memory – 4 GB. Compatible memory cards – the device worked quite well with microSD Class 4 32 GB.


System performance will be enough for undemanding users and most everyday tasks. Our test videos reproduced as a regular video player and MX Video Player, but some were seen braking. When playing with videofayov AC3-paths problems.

Launching the first Real Racing 3 on the device should not forget that before you budget smartphone, so you are not disappointed when the first minute of the game you throw the application, exactly the same situation with all the heavy applications. But Plants vs. Zombies or plain casual games, in the manner of recent LYNE, started with a bang and work without braking.


Taking smartphone in hand, catches the eye DTS inscription on the rear panel. There is the idea that the sound of the machine at a high level. Oh, no. In fact, it’s just advanced equalizer that allows you to change the equalizer settings (Rock, Pop, etc.) and adjust the high and low frequencies. We saw something similar in HTC smartphones to their cooperation with the Beats. The headphones sound standard for smartphone processor MediaTek – high quality do not wait.

Multimedia speaker also quiet and not particularly good quality. But the quality and volume of the speech dynamics at a good level and does not cause complaints.


Speed ​​detection satellites at cold start took 3.5 minutes, when you restart about 1.5 minutes. Communication speed Wi-Fi-network average.

Scheme of dual-sim smartphone standard single-radio. It is possible to select one of the cards by default or before each call to choose which card to call. While you are talking on one, the second is not available.

Autonomy Acer Liquid Z4

Autonomy device is average, despite the relatively capacious battery 1600 mA * h AnTuTu Tester issued 527 balls, which is an average result. Take the quiz GFXBench not work because of the constant discharge from the application. Two-hour test results can be seen in the comparative table.


With two cards installed and enabled data transmission over EDGE, about 20 minutes of calls, use Viber about an hour a day, the smartphone will last three or four days. When listening to music (1.5 hours), use Intagram and Facebook (30 minutes), use Viber (h) and 30 minutes of talk time, the smartphone stands about two days.

Display Acer Liquid Z4

Acer Liquid Z4 is equipped with a 4-inch TN-screen with a resolution of 800 × 480. Adjust the brightness occurs only manually. Minimum brightness is overstated, and the maximum brightness is clearly not enough to distinguish the information on the screen in bright sunlight, it is necessary to seek shade or comfortable angle.

When you activate the power saving brightness is reduced, and that contributes to increasing the autonomy of the device. Despite the use of TN-matrix angles are quite balanced – only when viewed from above colors are distorted. The screen responds to touch quickly and without hitches.


Since we’ve got a pre-test on the sample, it was equipped with a screen with some artificial intelligence – on the bottom right corner constantly tripped sensor and if there was a keyboard is open, press the letter “e”, in other applications pressed themselves unwanted items. Because of this, we were unable to check the display colorimeter, just did not have the opportunity to fix certain shades. This problem sleeping on the provided sample, commercial samples hope this will not happen.

Camera Acer Liquid Z4


The smartphone has only one chamber – the main. Front, unfortunately not, so that the smartphone does not suit those who like to self or chat on Skype. The main camera has an aperture of f/2.4, capable of capturing images at a resolution of 5 megapixels and record videos in HD (1280 × 720 pixels). The smartphone is equipped with a flash for taking pictures in the dark. The quality of images and videos is at an average level for the budget unit is perfectly acceptable.

Results Acer Liquid Z4

Before us is a classic representative of the budget class with all the attendant advantages and disadvantages. Liked the look of the device and the hull shape, which resembles grinded stone. Smooth interface leaves much to be desired, but for this price segment is the norm, in any case, it is possible to install faster launchers. The official price we failed to learn, but in foreign portals indicated price around $ 140, which corresponds to the price classmates stuffing.

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