Sony is preparing a Set-Top Box camera for smartphones

If you believe the resource Sony Alpha Rumors, Sony is planning to release a rather unusual accessory – “camera lens” for smartphones. This accessory will be a little separate compact camera that will be able to unite into a single unit with smart phones, turning them into advanced camera phones.

The new accessory will receive the same Carl Zeiss f/1.8 lens and a 20.2-inch megapixels Exmor R, as in the advanced compact Sony RX100 II. In this case, the “system” will also include a built-in battery (capacity unknown), modules Wi-Fi and NFC.

“The camera lens” will be able to connect to a number of smartphones, both physically – with fixtures, and wirelessly, leveraging the above modules. After connecting the smartphone screen will act as a viewfinder and press the shutter button and the image will be automatically transferred to the accessory is connected to the internal memory of a mobile phone.

In the Sony Alpha Rumors are firmly convinced that this accessory is real, and that it will be announced in the near future. On its own 5-point scale the likelihood of rumors, they have put it even not 5, but 6 points. According to them, Sony will release a range of accessories that will vary the size of the matrix and lenses.

Unfortunately, while it is difficult to say how they will actually look like and how it will look on smartphones. While the Sony Alpha Rumors posted only one photo enhancement, and that is extremely poor quality. Perhaps, Sony will present “camera lens” in the course of his presentation on September 4.

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