Ideum Duet - «smart» table with Windows 8 and Android

Ideum Duet – «smart» table with Windows 8 and Android

Ideum Duet - «smart» table with Windows 8 and Android

Developers Ideum surprised the world curious novelties before. But now they have surpassed themselves. Company decided to hit the audience today? “Smart” table with a nice “name” Duet.

The device is not only an ordinary Mugmats and correspondence. This is – a powerful computer system with a touch screen format Full HD.

The invention is running two operating systems at once: a full-fledged Windows 8 and mobile Android 4.4 KitKat. Switching between them takes no more than 2 seconds.

What can I say give? Gadget really use like a giant tablet: watch movies, listen to music and enjoy your favorite “portable” games (hello, Clash of Clans).

And when you need it – you can “go” in the operating system from Microsoft. Run “heavy” application with 3D-graphics, edit the document in a familiar working environment.

We should also mention “endurance” design. She collected from reliable materials – cold-rolled steel and aircraft aluminum. Water – thanks to the protection class IP54 – Duet also not afraid.

If we talk about the technical “stuffing”, the decision is arranged pretty clever way. Inside, there are several computational modules.

Ideum Duet - «smart» table with Windows 8 and Android

For an adequate job “OSes” by Google responds Rockchip RK3288 processor clocked at 2.0 GHz. This helps him to 2 GB of RAM and SSD capacity of 16 GB.

With Windows 8, things are more complicated. 42-inch modification Duet offers for the OS from Redmond chip Intel Core i5-4570R, «Outstanding” 3.2 GHz. Plus the graphics core Iris Pro Graphics 5200, 8 GB of RAM and SSD volume to 256 GB.

In 46-inch version of other specifications. He is able to “brag” 16 GB of RAM, Intel Core i7-4710HQ 3.5 GHz, SSD 512 GB and video accelerator GeForce GTX 760 from Nvidia.

Ideum Duet - «smart» table with Windows 8 and Android

In any case, the “brake” will not have to complain.

There was a place even for the increasingly popular nano-PC Intel Edison. It was his “talents” ensure the smooth transition of the program “shells.”

Where Duet useful? Anywhere – in a normal living room, school, museum, library. From the future owner requires quite a bit – a drop of fantasy and 7950 US dollars (for the base model).

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