Pop Stick - bracelet for the "Self"

Pop Stick – bracelet for the “Self”

Pop Stick - bracelet for the "Self"

Pictures in the style of “self” are becoming increasingly popular. It is therefore not surprising that there are devices that facilitate the creation of such a photo. The most famous accessory – the famous “stick” (on which is mounted a smartphone).

With it easier to find the perfect angle, remove several persons. The official name of the gadget – a monopod. Its main drawback – it is quite massive, extremely conspicuous. The latter fact is often annoying others (those who do not want to get into the frame).

Is there a way out? Yes, I Am. Device called Pop Stick. He gets rid of all these worries. In part – due to the unique design. New like a normal bracelet.

Pop Stick - bracelet for the "Self"

The original design allows the unit to carry any “cultural” place – theater, museum and so on. Although the stadium. From the side, it seems that it’s just decoration. However, at the right moment the invention can be used for “direct” purpose.

Pop Stick instantly transformed into a monopod model that supports the installation of the phone at an angle of 180, 90 or 45 degrees. The design is strong enough: it is based – bistable polyurethane.

Length – about 50 centimeters. Synchronization is performed by Bluetooth LE.

Sounds great. Alas, while it is impossible to buy. On Kickstarter project appears only at the end of March. Retail sales will start in June. Issue price – not reported.

Source: ThePopStick

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