PocketBook at IFA 2013: Two new tablet on Android 4.2 and the reader with a fine display


Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 with e-Ink- screen Cover Reader was not the only novelty of PocketBook, presented at the IFA 2013 . Also announced were Android- planshets SURFpad 3 in two sizes (10 and 7.85 inches ) and the e-book PocketBook Basic Touch (PocketBook 624 for the Russian market ) , which feature a multi – touch screen in which technology is applied Film Touch.

Both devices will PocketBook SURFpad 3 quad-core processor ( one can only hope that it is not Alwinner any) , Bluetooth and GPS, as well as support for 3G. PocketBook promises unique materials and interesting appearance , and I believe them , remembering pleasant tablet PocketBook SURFpad 2 .


The screens of both devices are coated with glass matrix – IPS in both cases. But the low resolution – 1024×768 pixels at the smaller model and HD – with a ten models . She will receive a battery capacity of 8000 mAh ( a lot or a little, we realize after it becomes known to the processor model ) , and the youngest – half as much . The table below cite the characteristics of two new devices SURFpad and presented earlier SURFpad 2 . They show that the trends are not improved models of the new generation, and the expansion of the range.


PocketBook Basic Touch (PocketBook 624) – a six-inch reader with a display technology e-Ink Pearl. On top of this display device is a thin plastic film with Film Touch marketing name and a thickness of 0.2 mm, which is ” to optimize the optical properties , and minimize the weight and the thickness of the screen .” That is, as far as I understand , is an extremely delicate touch layer , through which the e-book could make smaller. In the list of installed applications is listed Dropbox ( hooray! ), RSS- reader, chess and a few more (see table). Traditionally, the reader supports many formats of books. The model will be available in white and gray.


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