Newcomers family Philips Urban: future urban legends

Philips continues to adorn the abode of urban music fans through the speakers , which is a common name – Philips Urban. Each socialized person today has lots of gadgets , and not very portable . So many of them are able to make sounds , and even more : play music . So , a modern sound system , according to Philips, must be able to work with any gadgets , be it a smartphone, tablet, TV or laptop. It is with this thought in mind and created new wireless speakers studio S5X and S3X.

What about the word ” studio ” it is better to clarify: means home studio. Or simply flat. Just a “studio” sounds more stylish and on – hipster . By reading the press release it occurred to me that it was the city (apparently , the city , do not think you can meet the hipster in the village more than once in his life) hipsters – the main target audience of the ruler. Oh , it looks very cool , but as the game is not yet known. Of course , the press release says that the sound from the speakers is crystal clear and powerful , able to brighten the sound of any enclosed with him gadget. Returning to the first thoughts of being compatible with any gadgets , S5X S3X and supports four types of connections. The first – for Hi-Fi- play (APT-X, AAC), then wirelessly streaming over Bluetooth, digital inputs ( coaxial and optical), as well as the most common audiodzhek .

Thus, they are compatible with anything up to gaming consoles and televisions. Both systems are equipped with 15 -millimeter speakers , and on one side there is the sound settings , if I understood correctly – handles equalizer , allowing adjust the bass and treble. And yet , the systems come with remote controls . Not new , of course, but it is convenient , what can I say .

S5X has a capacity of 100 watts (RMS) and a 5.25 – inch subwoofer . Such a system is available bude in October , in white and black. Recommend that they cost 249 euros.

“Less” S3X is content with capacity of 30 watts and a 4-inch subwoofer, and it will cost 199 euros. Yes, it is just gray with yellow bars. In addition to these two systems are still visually similar to classic column , Philips has several systems are more portable .

Colorful BR-1X is a column with a one-inch drivers and two modes of operation : indoors and outside . The first mode involves deep bass and crystal-clear detail (sorry for saying that , I just quote the press release) , while the second involves a more heavy sound , full of drums.

They can be joined together and to carry along . Will be available in September, priced at 99 euros.

Something interesting on behalf SHOQBOX XL – this is one column with two woofers and support NFC Bluetooth for easy connection to the device . Since designed for active people , has a strap for carrying and something like a ” beach radio ” 90s. BR-1X supports the sound modes “on the street” and “the room”. It will be available in November for 199 euros.

Finally , a small device called DOT, so to speak , hand speaker. They say he has a good sound, but it should be checked . And that’s exactly what it is, so it is a sensor that allows you to turn off the device simply flipping it upside down. DOT will be available in September. To pay for it, you must be 79 euros.

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