iPhone 6: What next?

iphone-6-next-raqwe.com-01Incredibly dense flow of information about new products (iPhone 5c and iPhone 5S , and more about the iOS 7), which has swept the minds of readers and those interested in the past couple of weeks, do not let go, does not think about anything else, just simply davleet and prevails. On the one hand, it’s good. And on the other – it is time to begin to think about the future. So after what will be the next iPhone? No one knows. But now to think about it – a good time.

In general, this material is, at its heart, guesswork, you can take it that way. But, looking through the concepts and renderings, it is possible to make a general impression, to collect for themselves a kind of distillation of the wishes, views and user requests regarding the future development of forms of mobile Apple, and not just Apple in general. Well, I’m using this collection will try to highlight some of the highlights and determine the direction by sending your imagination in the appropriate direction.

iPhone with a convex display


In 2011, Apple filed a patent for a “rounded» iPhone, here are a few phrases from the description of the patent:

  • the absence of well-known buttons “Home” and other physical controls
  • “Illusion of depth perception” and «3D-feeling” (already partially implemented in iOS 7, here we have in mind the “parallax effect”, approx. Ed.)
  • AMOLED-display (?)

Thinner, lighter, stronger


Then play on the idea of ​​the last iPod, the fifth generation thin and light, almost “air” device. I’m such a design is quite liking.

Long, wide and small


Clearly, Apple did not go the way of the partition line of iPhone in size, but it would be nice. And the idea with the button “Home” on the side of simply elegant.

Without frames. At all


Here, the logical development of the modern trends to decrease the frame around the screen, by the way, has already been partially implemented in the iPad mini and Chinese smartphone Meizu. It would be nice, right?

Transparent iPhone. That is quite clear

The idea is in the air for more than a year, had similar concepts regarding Nokia, Motorola, Samsung. Now here is the iPhone. I do not know about the feasibility and practicality, but it looks great.

The entire surface of the device – this screen


Another interpretation of what might look like iPhone c rounded perimeter screen. Beautiful, but uncomfortable and malorealizuemo.



That’s fair, if iPhone 5c did so, everyone would be happy. Then play on the idea of ​​the famous Apple iMac G3 Fruit Colors, everything is new – well forgotten old, is not it? For a budget model – the most it.

“Magic Mauz”


And that’s why, without knocking hammer on a computer mouse, Apple and slightly flatten it to fit in a pocket, not combine it with iPhone? That’s what happens in the end.

Development of the color


Part of experiments with color portable Apple devices we are already seeing, here’s another look at the idea.

A complete nightmare


And here is the concept of the category of “like strange”, there is some part of the apparatus leaves the side, allowing access to applications and controls, depending on the situation. iPhone Crazy, or iPhone Charm, whatever you want!

With designers, in general, everything is clear. And that’s what you wanted to get on with the next Apple iPhone, please write in the comments – very interesting!

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