Steve Jobs wanted Apple to release a phone in 1984

Steve Jobs has proposed the creation of a mobile phone Mac back in 1984, when the market got a computer Macintosh 128K. This was told by John Sculley, who led Apple from 1983 to 1993.

“I remember we were working on phones Mac at the end of 1984,” – said in an interview with Scully CNBC TV18.

According Onliner, a former executive at Pepsi and Apple are confident that the company is unlikely to change its policy and to compromise, offering the market a smartphone for less $ 100. On the contrary, Scully believes that Apple will continue to enhance its line of high-end products.

«Apple released the iPad mini, and all those who were previously iPad, went and bought the iPad mini. If Apple will release a more expensive smartphone with a larger screen and so on, you will see that all of them are going to buy these devices. Apple as BMW, and BMW does not compete in the segment of cheap cars, “- said Scully.

Recall Steve Jobs invited the head of Pepsi, John Sculley to Apple in 1983, one of the most famous phrases in the business: “Do you want to spend the rest of life, selling sugar water or do you want to go out and change the world?

Jobs and Sculley ran Apple together as executive directors, relying on the latest technology, extensive publicity and great design. But soon their relationship soured and now John Sculley known as the man that made Steve Jobs’ leave in 1993 from the company after the confrontation for control of Apple.

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