Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850 – “Einstein from the glass!”

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

One of the most beautiful smartphones Chinese company Lenovo. Model, in which case a lot of glass, the logo on the back panel is highlighted, and the pattern here resembles the texture of denim. However, this unit is not only curious about it.

Packaging and delivery – Lenovo S850

The box that comes Lenovo S850, made ​​in terms of branded products: the red part where myself and is a smartphone, plus the necessary accessories, and white with a gray cover. Examining the latter, you can see a picture of the tube, a few footnotes about key features of the “smart” phone, as well as the model name, manufacturer information about the country and so forth.

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

Its designation is on the bottom wall of the red portion of the package. However, in my opinion, is too interesting to the user, they will not be – purely technical information designed to increase distribution.

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

After opening the box, in addition to the smartphone user to ‘discover’ the charging adapter, massive micro- USB -cable, as well as high-quality wired headset required documentation plus a clip that provides access to the trays SIM-cards. The latter, incidentally, are equipped very unusual. But talk about this in more detail below.

Appearance and Customization – Lenovo S850

Perhaps it is not wrong if I say that Lenovo S850 – the most beautiful smartphone eponymous producer. Oh, at least those with whom I have a “sign” in person. Glass front and rear body, two-edging around the perimeter, beautifully iridescent pattern on the rear panel, which, incidentally, already dubbed as a style “under jeans,” and even backlit during charging, or unlock the manufacturer’s logo. In short, companies are trying to do everything to Lenovo brand as quickly as possible ceased to be associated with cheap and “lifeless” smartphones. And the S850 in terms of design a prime example!

To build quality claims also to be found. The secret here is simple – molded body format. Simply put, access to the battery you do not have.

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

What else like it – use the protective glass on the front and back panels. This manufacturer “raised» S850 above even the same Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (review here ). The latter, as we remember, on the back wall was only “tsarapuchy” plastic. The user can not be afraid for the appearance here soon scratches or scuffs. The only thing that “sin” as the front panel and the back part of it – it’s fingerprints and thick oily stains. However, “clean” and the first and second special is not working.

Ergonomics functional elements – Lenovo S850

Lenovo S850 front panel is divided between a large display, three classical touch buttons located slightly below it, the frontal eye 5 megapixel camera, light sensor / proximity, plus mesh earpiece and display events.

In the body, the back of the eye has concluded 13-megapixel camera, flash, plus the aforementioned manufacturer’s logo.

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

Looking around the right side face is easy to see the power button on / off and volume rocker sound.

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

The opposite of remarkable conclusion grid speakerphone, trays SIM-cards. By the way, with the latest from Lenovo got interesting – both slots «SIM-ok” to each other and aligned in the end user on the outside of the case sees access to only one of them. However, it should only take out the tray, in reality, it is found that both “left” both because they are “connected” one design. Whatever you say, but it looks quite unusual and at the same time it is convenient in terms of ergonomics.

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

At the top end port equip micro-USB, as well as the classical derivation of 3.5 mm.

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

Finally, looking at the lower bound, the user has noticed a miniature output built-in microphone.

Display – Lenovo S850

Lenovo S850 has a 5-inch display with a resolution of 720h1280 points. At the heart of IPS matrix with decent viewing angles both vertically and horizontally.

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

The density of pixels per inch – 294 Pixelize to the user if he “unarmed” magnifying glass, invisible.

The screen has a decent anti-glare properties and highly performed well while working in bright sunlight – ‘extinction’ insignificant flowers.

Adjusts the lighting of two classic options – either manually or automatically.

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

Problems with the latter I did not have corresponding sensor is triggered correctly.

Staying in the associated sub-settings, the user can work with the indicator events, adjust brightness, activate or disable the “Screen Rotation” and use such an option as “Inversion LCD.” Last makes dark background, and displayed on it the letters white – quite convenient solution for eyes at night.

Sensitivity of the screen raises no objections – supports touch control through five fingers simultaneously.

Memory – Lenovo S850

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

Lenovo S850 has 16 GB of internal non-expandable memory, from which the user can use a little more than 14.5 GB.

Speakers – Lenovo S850

Two separate speakers with pretty good by the standards not music smartphone features. Subscriber perfectly audible in room conditions, and on the street or even a noisy prospect. It neither to the one nor the other hand is not accompanied by noise or distortion of another plan.

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

Multimedia in practice proved to be sufficient for the voice mp3 or video in a room, an incoming call when you stay on the street or on public transport.

In the settings are all pretty typical! The user can select a particular profile, adjust the volume of notifications, multimedia and so forth, as well as assign specific incoming ring tone each SIM-card, and more.

Battery and autonomy – Lenovo S850

Built-in battery capacity of 2000 mAh. The manufacturer promises up to 13 hours of battery life in calls.

In practice, a full charge will be enough for 3 hours of games or 5-5.5 hours on maximum brightness.

Has not been here without my add-power save mode. On its peculiarities few days ago I told in detail in a separate review . Turn, get to know!

Equipment – Lenovo S850

Initially, the model appeared on the market with Android 4.2.1 “out of the box.” If anyone has forgotten, the manufacturing company revealed the handset still on the WMC 2014 in Barcelona in February, but the Ukrainian user unit came already with Android 4.4.2, which, of course, it’s nice.

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

Over the axis of the latest version of branded Lenovo Camera.

Created smartphone based on a 4-core CPU MediaTek 6582, the clock frequency of 1.3 GHz. In addition, “on board” Mali-400 and 1 GB of RAM.

The user can work with the following wireless modules and interfaces:
Wi-Fi 802.11 b / G / n technology with integrated WLAN Direct, Bluetooth in the fourth edition, VPN, Hotspot, Dual-SIM, GPS .

Performance – Lenovo S850

I will only add that implemented the “iron” is enough for playback Full HD – video and to run demanding games.

Camera – Lenovo S850

The device has two separate chambers – the main 13 megapixel and 5 megapixel front.

Review of the smartphone Lenovo S850

Despite the fact that the latter did not get autofocus in good light conditions, the user can rely on the good quality of the self.

But the main 13 megapixel camera “equipped with” flash and autofocus system for a photo. There is also a considerable number of different settings. But the focus during video recording is not available.

Conclusions – Lenovo S850

Well, this phone Lenovo S850 is quite a considerable amount of “things” that can distinguish it from the competition. But the main thing – it’s design. In this regard, the model turned “on its head” above the many decisions of Korean, Japanese and Chinese brands that felt from the very first minutes of the meeting. The only thing that did not like me personally – the inability to extend the built-in memory, even connecting the USB-drive. How big is this “fee” for the opportunity to own the “glass” is quite a decent smartphone with “iron”, will leave every reader decide.


– Solution design model;
– The level of housing assembly and kits;
– Good opportunities speakers;
– Android 4.4.2;
– Decent “iron” and performance


– Lack of support for the specification OSB OTG;
– No autofocus for video

Estimated price: $ 255

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