Parallels Access – a desktop application to run Mac and Windows applications on the iPad

The company Parallels has developed a software solution that allows users to work with the iPad tablet desktop applications originally created for Mac and Windows.

Parallels Access application requires the installation of both the tablet and the desktop computer or laptop. After that, the user can access from the tablet to a desktop computer to run applications. Installed on the computer are placed in the form of icons on a special screen launch. Desktop applications are opened on the iPad in the full screen mode. The user can work with them using familiar gestures. It also supports iOS inherent actions such as copy and paste. When working with an interface applications that were not originally optimized for tablets, there may be accidentally pressed the neighboring button or menu item. To correct the erroneous command is designed to function SmartTap.

Parallels Access application is distributed on a subscription basis – $ 79.99 per year for each computer to which the user wants to access to the iPad. To test the trial version is available.

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