Opera Coast – experimental browser for iPad


Opera Software continues to experiment with browsers. After switching on the WebKit engine in Opera 15 and exit Opera for Android , the developers decided to pay close attention to the platform Apple. Opera Software today unveiled the most unusual, according to the authors, the browser company – Opera Coast for the iPad.

Unlike already available on iOS Opera Mini , the new browser has been designed taking into account the characteristics of the control tablets and iOS in particular. Since the screen is given by displaying Web pages, and the number of buttons is kept to a minimum. Such familiar commands like forward and back, performed swipe left and right, but in order to reload the page, it should be pulled down over the edge of the screen. Moving is already open between sites made in the style of paging covers in iTunes, and closing – pulling the edge of the screen. In addition, as in other browsers Opera, in Coast provides home screen with a search string, the Quick Access Toolbar and a list of recently opened sites. 


Unfortunately, the architecture of iOS does not allow to set the default browser, so all applications, even after installing Opera Coast will cause the standard for iOS browser – Safari. However, for normal browsing, you can use any browser.


Opera Coast for iPad is now available in the U.S. App Store and will soon appear in the Russian and Ukrainian app store Apple.

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