Sherwood R-807 – AV-receiver, friendly to the iOS-devices

Devices that bear the proud name of “receiver” are inherently media center, one of the main points that connect audio and video in your home. One such device is the Sherwood R-807, which will be of interest to owners of mobile devices from Apple.

Primarily it should be noted audience such devices. It is clear that the ordinary consumer who does not know about what the AV-receiver are unlikely to be in dire need to purchase such a device. However, be aware of their existence useful someday you have a desire to install a home theater in the apartment, and was then without AV-receiver can not do.

The unit itself is the center of that is accessed all your media devices – Players blu-ray, games consoles, various music players, televisions, speakers and more. It would seem that the device list is quite impressive, but the AV-receivers have high “range” input-output ports. Is no exception and the model R-807, of Sherwood.

Audio and video devices connected to the receiver in the first place in order to have the receiver was able to obtain, process and output provide a signal of higher quality. For example, enhance weak audio or bring in proper form video, drawing a necessary procedure “apskeyla.” Then, after the signal has been processed, the results you can see and hear on the TV or the connected speakers. Sherwood R-807 has the support of 4K-video, which in the future will replace the format Full HD.

An interesting feature of the model is R-807 is the fact that the device is “friendly” attitudes toward mobile devices based on iOS and Android . If your iPhone, iPad or Android-device contains media files, such as photos, video or music, then using a free application Sherwood Remote , you will be able to play this content via streaming over Wi-Fi. Also, R-807 can replace your home router, as it is able to distribute Wi-Fi.

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