Older models of the iPhone is not lost its popularity. Does the world need a budget smartphone from Apple?


New plans of Apple, associated with the release of the budget iPhone, to help her to take another price niche in the mobile market. But such a move is not all clear, in particular the publication of Consumer Intelligence Research Partners believes that such a decision is not explicitly required.

They conducted their own research to find out whether the demand are older versions of apple smartphone. The publication said that Apple is sufficient to continue the current practice of reducing the price of an older product. Those who can not afford the flagship version of the iPhone 5, it is able to purchase an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

Results of the study show that more than half of iPhone 5 iPhone bought earlier. Further, this figure drops – only 30% of iPhone 4S owners owned the earlier model of smartphone.


By the way, the demand for the fifth version of the Apple smartphone, 9 months after its release is not as high as it was the case with the iPhone 4S. Older versions of the iPhone successfully sold so far and continue to hold their positions in the market. Do I need to actually Apple out of the budget before the end of the smartphone is not known, the success of this move, only time will tell.

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