Why Apple does not turn off the production of the iPhone 4?

While the iPhone 4 is officially no longer sold in the U.S. online store Apple, the company still has not turned its production, BGR reports citing the newspaper Economic Times. According to the publication, in Cupertino intend to continue the spread of the smartphone in emerging markets such as India , Indonesia and Brazil. And the fact that the iPhone 4 was introduced a couple of years ago, in turn, would allow Apple to significantly reduce the price of this device.

It is reported that over time, the technology giant will gradually reduce production iPhone 4, but will continue to sell it for at least several years. For example, now you can find this smartphone in Chinese and Brazilian online stores Apple, in the outlets of the cellular operator Vodafone in Egypt, and even in the U.S. operator T-Mobile.

The company continues to supply this gadget to their partners, while at the same time making the emphasis on new products. All the matter is that Apple has no chance to capture emerging market, if it decides to attack it with a 600-dollar smartphone. In fact, the corporation sells the very “budget” iPhone , which analysts said all of last year, and increases its market share in the individual countries.

Of course, over time, to the place of the iPhone 4 will come the same iPhone 5s , when Apple will release a few more generations of its smartphone. But who knows, maybe in a few years the company has “matured” to release inexpensive device for the budget market. Tim Cook position on this issue is clear – he does not want to sacrifice quality for quantity iPhone.

Interestingly, in the same smartphone and Brazil ceased officially sold since its release. According to rumors, Apple will soon open its first retail store in the country. Is his shelves buyers will meet the iPhone 4?

Perhaps, Apple could cope with the shortage of new iPhone much sooner if involved all its production capacity. But while the corporation devotes some of them to assemble the iPhone 4, this can not dream.

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