Apple reported a billionth of a subscription to the podcast in iTunes

On Monday evening, Apple announced a new achievement iTunes. According to the company, the number of subscriptions to podcasts in the online store has reached 1 billion.

On this occasion, Apple has emphasized the brightest channels in the history of podcasts. Among the leaders of the rating are This American Life, TEDTalks, 60 Minutes, Happy Tree Friends and other English-speaking transfer. For accumulated over seven years of hits in the iTunes set up a special section «The Classics».

Despite the fact that podcasting became popular back in 2004, in Russia it is not very popular. The name “podcast” is derived from the words «iPod» and «broadcast». The user downloads the free entry by subscription via iTunes on your smartphone or tablet, and then listen to on the way to work or during leisure time. Typically, the transmission has a theme and frequency of publication.

At this point in iTunes is about 250 000 unique podcasts in 100 languages ​​of the world. According to statistics from Apple, podcasters around the world have recorded more than 8 million of releases.

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