The new acquisition brought us closer to Apple iTV

A few months after reports that Apple is in talks with cable channels, it became known that the inhabitants of the Cupertino-based company made ​​the decision to buy Matcha. The company has developed a search service and advice videos that Apple certainly useful in developing its own television product. Amount of the transaction is unknown, but according to sources, it ranges from 1 to 1.5 million.

Earlier Matcha is an app for iOS, which allowed users to get information about what they can see on cable television networks or video-streaming services. In May the service stopped working, and now the technology has got at the disposal of Apple.

In addition to providing users with information about available content, by analogy with the services of Comcast, Netflix and Hulu, Matcha also offers features that allow you to play queue, get recommendations on new TV shows, and connect to social networks to find out that watching friends.

It is possible that this acquisition will help Apple improve the operation of their set-top box Apple TV . However, given the rumors that the company is developing its own TV set , you can assume that these functions will be part of the forthcoming product.

According to the materials

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