Nokia Goldfinger – the first smartphone based on Windows Phone 8.1 OS with support for gesture control 3D Touch

Although that was announced in late October smartphone Nokia Lumia 1520 had not yet hit the market, the web is beginning to emerge about the company’s future products under the unannounced OS Windows Phone 8.1. Evleaks account in the microblogging service Twitter has recently announced the code name of the first Nokia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1 – Goldfinger and Moneypenny.

Resource The Verge , in turn, notes that while Goldfinger is the flagship model. Sources familiar with the plans of Nokia, claiming that the model will be different Goldfinger support a unique technology called 3D Touch, which Nokia has developed over the past few years. It provides a new experience of interacting with a smartphone through gestures.

Two years ago, in an interview with the resource of The Verge former Vice President of Design at Nokia Marko Ahtisaari has hinted at the development of pilot gestures, calling them “a key direction in which Nokia will continue to innovate.”

Nokia has started experimenting with these gestures in public, when the updated function Glance, allowing users to learn Lumia smartphones, thanks to a simple gesture – a wave of your hand over the screen.

It seems that the first smartphone running Windows Phone 8.1, Nokia tries to step much further. New gestures allow users to control your smartphone without touching the screen. It is worth noting that a similar interaction experience in the smartphone offers Samsung Galaxy S4 – function Air Gestures.

Microsoft is currently making the final touches on Windows Phone 8.1 and is likely to tell in detail about the new features in the exhibition MWC 2014. It is expected that Windows Phone 8.1 is improved multitasking and notification center and will voice assistant Cortana .

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