Nokia Lumia coming to Android


Very long time fans of Nokia, and, perhaps, not only they were waiting for the Finnish company smartphone running Android. Then legendary phone manufacturer was acquired by Microsoft, which is known to promote its own mobile operating system, and the hopes of waiting pougasla. But the world still saw Nokia X running revised version of Android (Nokia X Software Platform), although this could not be called a big success. Moreover, even had recently announced the second version of the device. Was it the fact that everyone was waiting for? Well, not really. Still hope for Android-based smartphone with the logo of Nokia, which is able to compete with other manufacturers flagships still warm.

Source infinite number of credible leaks, @ evleaks, wrote in his twitter account the following:

“Big news: on the way Lumia OS Android, from Nokia by Microsoft”

Rumors about the Nokia Lumia on the Android

Unfortunately, the details not yet known. Will it be another “recycled platform”, as in X-smartphone, or we are waiting for a full OS with access to Google Play? These questions remain open, as, indeed, the very statement is still a rumor.

Previously raised questions about what brand will carry smartphones Lumia line after buying the software giant Nokia. And rumors were just talking about how it would be «Nokia by Microsoft». And last week came from China shot still unannounced Nokia Lumia 830 with the same inscription on the back. Perhaps it was his and meant @ evleaks.

If this is true, then the user is likely to expect a 13-megapixel camera with PureView lens and Zeiss, as well as a screen with a diagonal of 4.5 inches in the area. In addition, as expected, aluminum frame and a back cover made of polycarbonate.

And what you might be interested in the smartphone from Nokia, renounced Windows Phone?

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