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quick-review-smartphone-zte-v809-raqwe.com-01Recently, smart phones from China-based Android flooded our market. As before, a lot of Chinese equipment manufacturers boast dvuhsimochny and affordable price. That test ZTE V809 – a typical representative of this segment. Let’s see whether this smartphone is able to attract attention.

Design and ergonomics

As in most cases, to wait on the budget smartphone unusual design is not necessary. The front panel covers the protective glass, under which are located at the top LED-notifier, proximity sensor, automatic brightness sensor and a speaker.

quick-review-smartphone-zte-v809-raqwe.com-02quick-review-smartphone-zte-v809-raqwe.com-03quick-review-smartphone-zte-v809-raqwe.com-04Below are the hardware touch buttons. On the side skirts the perimeter of the housing silver bezel, which is a bit refreshing in general, featureless design. Located at the ends of the smartphone power button and 3.5mm jack (top), a microphone jack and Micro-USB (bottom) and the volume rocker (right). On the back cover are the flash and the camera lens (3 megapixel without autofocus).


The cover is made of soft-touch black plastic, which is good for tactile sensations, but bad for the appearance, as the cover is quickly covered with spots and stains. Cover can be removed easily, but sits firmly and removing it, you can get access to the connector Micro-SD. To replace the SIM-cards need to remove the battery.


In terms of ergonomics have no complaints. Mechanical keys have a clear course and are distinctively blindly, but the touch buttons have good sensitivity. And use a smartphone with one hand very easily thanks to the small size and weight.

The operating system and shell

The smartphone runs on the operating system of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with a standard shell and a small amount of pre-installed software. Standard web browser to easily open a flash video and loads pages quickly. It is necessary to highlight the program Megogo.net, with which you can enjoy watching the film of the same service. Also pre-installed is another interesting program – a keyboard TouchPal; can not say that it is definitely more convenient standard, but someone definitely enjoy. There is also a list of almost all preinstalled software from Google.


The manufacturer added to the display setting two points – the scenes and themes. Initially available in two scenes – they change the wallpaper and clock widget, themes also change color in colored boxes interface. These items are not able to radically change the style of the interface, but still allow it to change a little bit.

Hardware Platform

The smartphone is based on the MTK 6572 processor – a new budget processor, which includes two processing cores clocked at 1.3 GHz and a graphics subsystem Mali-400MP. His memory of the device 4 GB, of which the user can use about 1.3 GB. RAM 512 MB, after the 160-190 MB of available memory. Benchmark results can be seen below, but the subjective impressions can be said that the processor has a high performance both the test results and real use. Problems with the launch of arcade games is not, relatively demanding Riptide GP2 is a small hang-up on the highest setting. Slowing down the interface is not noticeable, and it is due not only to the standard interface, third-party add-ons are not spoiled, but the new processor. The only question is, to the amount of RAM – 512 MB by the standards of 2013 was a small, but in actual operation it is felt only by the simultaneous operation of two demanding programs – about multitasking here, you can forget, and the programs themselves and then fly out of memory.


With video playback standard player handles not the best way, because it is strongly recommended to install MX Player and Codecs to it and forget about all the possible problems with the playback of video files.

Dvuhsimochny are implemented in the traditional way: the smart phone has a radio, and when talking on a SIM-cards the other is inactive. Interface to switch between SIM-cards standard. Quality is good, the earpiece is loud, and the proximity sensor is working correctly. Also not satisfactory transmission of data over the mobile network as well as on Wi-Fi. Search GPS-satellites take a little longer – this is all a familiar disease CPU MediaTek. In addition, losses often occur GPS-satellites.

The sound quality of the headphones and the dynamics of the average, the volume is adequate. External speaker with volume close to the maximum, begins to rattle.


Autonomy smartphone is not outstanding, but good. While working up to an hour of calls a day, constantly active modules, Wi-Fi, GPS and transmitted over the mobile network smart phone easily lasted 2 days. If the device does not operate as active, achievable, and 3 days of battery life. AntutuTester showed 612 points, and that, given that the battery power is only 1400 mAh. Below you can see the results of a two-hour tests.


To listen to the music we used a standard player, the volume on the value of 10 out of 13, the MP3 files with a bitrate of 320 kbit / s. In the read mode disables all wireless communications, including data transmission in a mobile network, and the display brightness set to 50%. Navigation includes a route in Google Navigation app. Brightness exhibited 50%, all data communication modules disabled. When playing a video display brightness set to 50%, the volume level at level 10 out of a possible 13. A video file format MKV, resolution 1024h432 points, frame 24. When playing video from Youtube display brightness set to 50%, the volume level of 10 out of 13 possible levels.

Display and Camera

Probably the weakest point of the budget smartphone – it’s the display and camera. Let’s start with the display. It is built on technology TFT, has the resolution of 800×480 pixels and covered with protective glass. The density of dots per inch – 233 PPI. Multi-touch support five touch, sensor responsive. Auto Brightness is present, but it significantly lowers the brightness of the display, even in circumstances where it is not needed. Subjectively, the display shows a good picture with acceptable viewing angles and good for both TFT-matrix, contrast and brightness with a predominance of cold tones. Brightness values ​​range from 11.1 kd/m2do 270.4 cd/m2. The average brightness is 72.5 cd/m2 and it is enough for most comfortable working conditions, because in most cases a hand intuitively raises the brightness to at least 70%. The minimum value of the brightness is good and is perfect for reading in the dark. Display measurements also showed that the color gamut of sRGB is incomplete. This is what affects a few pale image. Chart color temperature shows a significant departure in tone cool shades, as evidenced by subjective impressions.


The smartphone is equipped with a 3 megapixel camera without autofocus with flash. The camera takes photos with full-screen aspect ratio (16:9) in a 1 megapixel resolution mode and standard (4:3) with a resolution of up to 3 MP. The settings of the camera a bit: selection of exposure, color effect (Mono, Sepia, Negative, Sepia green), shooting mode (night, day), white balance (auto, incandescent, daylight, fluorescent, cloudy), Flicker ( 50 Hz and 60 Hz) and the incorporation of location information. Camera settings are a function of face detection, self-timer (2 sec, 10 sec), Continuous shooting (40 and 99 blocks), the size of photos and, as mentioned above, the choice of the aspect ratio of the camera. Video settings let you turn on the microphone, change the audio mode (and regular meeting), choose the mode of slowing down.


In general, poor camera, the photo quality is below average, and the video is written with a resolution of 640×480 pixels at 10 frames per second.

The results

When choosing a budget system should pay attention not so much on its minuses, but on merit. The main thing with any smartphone – it’s stability, and for the test, ZTE V809 has shown himself well. 

ZTE V809 should arrive at retail on October 25 at the price of 949 USD.


+ Performance
+ Autonomy
+ Body Materials
+ Operating System Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
+ Price

Do not like it

– Luggage
– Stability of the GPS
– A small amount of RAM

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