Nokia has made the ban sales of HTC smartphones

Despite the fact that in a few months as an independent company Nokia will disappear from the market for mobile gadgets, the interests of its patents are protected and not without success. This week, the court has made Nokia the ban on the sale of several HTC smartphones in the U.S. because of a violation of two patent infringement Finnish company.

A decision on the hearing will be sent to the court, where on January 23 next year, will make a final decision. As reported by Bloomberg, in the case of a decision in favor of Nokia, HTC will not be able to supply and sell in the U.S. smartphone Amaze 4G, One S, Rhyme and Vivid, as well as tablets Flyer and Jetstream.

Patent dispute over which erupted in court, relate to wireless data technologies. One patent in particular, a technology filtering and removing signal interference to transmit and receive data.

As patent war between the companies do not stop in London, Rome and Dusseldorf. Nokia believes that HTC had violated her rights, not only in the above mentioned devices, but in the HTC One and HTC Droid Incredible.

HTC is actively fighting for market share, launching new devices with proprietary features. According to data for the second quarter of this year, Nokia owns 3.1% of the entire smartphone market, while HTC claims to 2.8%.

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