Samsung begins production of 20-nanometer processors

The electronic edition of Taiwan’s DigiTimes reported that Samsung takes its factories for the production of mobile chips and processors on production technology for 20-nm process. Moreover, Samsung plans to release the first smartphone on these chips in early 2014!

However, according to experts, it is too optimistic scenario. This rapid transition and the release of a sufficient number of processors is impossible to perform even the forces of the Korean giant. Despite this, the 20-nm chips quickly occupy a niche in the market among the standard to date, 28-nanometer chips made ​​by companies Qualcomm and MediaTek.

Thus, the first phones with iron sverhtehnologichnym we will see probably about a year. Let me remind you that the transition to 20-nanometer manufacturing technology means less power consumption, size, and increasing the speed of information processing, which will affect the overall performance of the devices.

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