Upgrade HTC One to Android 4.3 will begin this week


Good news to North American users HTC One president said HTC America Jason Mackenzie in his Twitter. HTC can not boast the best support in the market of Android-devices , but the upgrade to the latest current version of the operating system released quickly enough.

In two consecutive tweets McKenzie said that , first, the latest version of the shell Sense and Android 4.3 will be available for download to owners of One Developer Edition this week , and the owners of One in Canada – at the end of this month , and secondly , the certification update for U.S. operators is progressing well, so the owners of the smartphone and operator versions will soon receive an update.

Good news – the latest Sense experience & Android 4.3 will push to One Dev Edition owners this week & One customers in Canada by month end.

– Jason Mackenzie (@ JasonMacHTC) September 23 , 2013

We’re still working hard & optimistic for US carrier certification – stay tuned to @ HTCUSA for more news soon.

– Jason Mackenzie (@ JasonMacHTC) September 23 , 2013

Unfortunately, information about the update of the European versions of the device yet, but certainly the appearance of official update – a matter of time . It is noteworthy that Taiwan’s HTC One users already receive OTA- Android update to version 4.3.

HTC One in Taiwan just started getting Android 4.3 pic.twitter.com/N6Ef7CNgv4

– LlabTooFeR (@ LlabTooFeR) September 24 , 2013


But the owners of HTC Droid DNA ( the American version of HTC Butterfly) are waiting for the bad news – smartphone update to version 4.3, probably will not get it. HTC has decided to restrict the release of firmware Android 4.2.2 c Sense 5 , the update scheduled for release before the end of this year.

Regarding Droid DNA. Update and clarification is that DNA customers will get new Sense experiences (w / 4.2.2) before end of year.

– Jason Mackenzie (@ JasonMacHTC) September 23 , 2013

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