NO.1 Watch S3: Beautiful smart watch with your phone

NO.1 Watch S3: Beautiful smart watch with your phone

In the arsenal of NO.1 many interesting gadgets. There is also a beautiful smart watch. And each model – better than the last.

Watch S3 – is no exception. The device has not yet gone on sale but is already attracting attention. The appearance is impressive – thanks to a round dial and good materials.

Feature of beautiful smart watch NO.1 Watch S3

NO.1 Watch S3: Beautiful smart watch with your phone

In addition, the beautiful smart watch is extremely functional. This phone on your wrist – you can make and receive calls. Just insert the Micro SIM.

The design is definitely attributed to the pluses. NO.1 managed to create a truly stylish thing. This timepiece a classic sense of the word – not just another fashionable plastic toys. The housing is made of stainless steel. More Watch S3 are not afraid of scratching – the touch screen is covered with tempered glass.

“Talent” in a lot of products (in addition to the above). Synchronization with smartphones running Android. To communicate using Bluetooth 3.0.

NO.1 Watch S3: Beautiful smart watch with your phone

This allows us to display a notification, listen to music, to remotely control the camera and so on. Lose hard to connect the machine. It is necessary to withdraw from it, an alarm is activated.

However, the “binding” – a piece is not necessary. With autonomy in order. With the launch of your favorite songs no problem. Store MP3 files and MP4 proposed map microSD. Any suitable storage capacity to 16 GB. The corresponding slot available.

NO.1 Watch S3: Beautiful smart watch with your phone

Without unique moments not done. There is a built-in UV detector. The sensor demonstrates the current level of UV and warns when you are under the sun is dangerous.

A healthy bonus.

Among other things, the clock is fixed physical activity owner: counting steps and distance, monitor the quality of sleep, remind us that it’s time to warm up. To view the statistics is the companion mobile application.

Specifications of beautiful smart watch Watch S3 in the following. The display resolution is 240 x 240 pixels. In the role of the processor performs chip MT6260. The amount of RAM is 64 MB and 128 MB permanent.

If we talk about the power supply, set the battery 380 mAh.

What is the result? The result is quite a decent novelty beautiful smart watch. The release is expected in the near future. The price information is not available, but it is unlikely to be a high amount. Handheld devices NO.1 highly affordable – in the range of $ 60.

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