Review of new wireless devices companies TOTOLINK

Review of new wireless devices companies TOTOLINK

Review of new wireless devices companies TOTOLINK

Home networks have become a familiar attribute for most PC users. The number of devices that help connect to the Internet is constantly growing, improving their technical characteristics and ease of use. More and more people are starting to take up the wireless network, and, of course, to use modern routers and access points.

Models much as expensive, and not very much. The market continues to evolve and there are new players, one of which we have decided to introduce you.

Company TOTOLINK came to Russia recently, although its production has long been popular around the world. The range is wide – from the most advanced wireless router with support for 802.11ac until very inexpensive access points.

This time for testing we were given just two devices – wireless router N300RT & portable hotspot iPuppy 3. Let’s look at them more closely.

TOTOLINK N300RT router comes in a relatively small cardboard box, decorated in traditional black and blue of colors. Options pleased – it includes the device itself, power adapter, network cable RJ-45, CD-ROM with software and manual, quick setup guide in Russian, warranty card, leaflet and a special stencil, which helps to quickly mark the point for drilling wall installation. Frankly, with so we meet for the first time.

The main body material – matt white plastic, complete with a small black insert sotdelkoy under the brushed aluminum. It looks very good, build quality is also not raise any problems.

Review of new wireless devices companies TOTOLINK

Next to the blue insert has eight indicators, and they do not stand out, prosvechivaya through the plastic top panel. Interestingly enough cool internal implemented – if the natural flow of air is not enough, it is possible to raise the decorative cover, under which there is a number of additional holes. An interesting solution, before we have not seen such.

The manufacturer has provided an opportunity to both horizontal installation of the device (for example, on a table), and its wall mount. The rear panel includes one input for an external connection (WAN) and four ports for use with the internal network. There is also a power switch, which is certainly convenient.

On the front side is available only Knop responsible for WPS and reset to the original settings.

Mounted on a card controller Realtek RTL8196E has five outputs. One of them is designed to work with an external network, and four – to work with local. RTL8192E wireless controller supports data transfer rates of up to 300 Mbit / s at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. An interesting feature is support for PAS, which is able to assess the workload of Wi-Fi channel and automatically selects a free, thereby increasing the speed of the wireless connection.

When working on the Wi-Fi 802.11n router makes data transfer rate of about 67.5 Mbit / s, which can be called a good result, especially considering the workload of the 2.4 GHz band.

Review of new wireless devices companies TOTOLINK

The menu is quite simple and quite logical, it contains tips for inexperienced users, and to the quality of the localization of any claims do not arise. Any changes you happen almost instantaneously, which can not but rejoice. Supports IPTV.

Running the router does not cause any difficulties even for the inexperienced user. Master quick settings will quickly establish a connection to the Internet, although this applies only to the basic settings. But the “advanced” users have a place to roam – you can configure “under him” almost everything.

Now let’s look at the access point TOTOLINK iPuppy 3. packed it for the glory, the assembly is also not let us down – the only thing missing is an external power adapter. There are only a cable with microUSB, which allows power the device from a laptop or PC.

Case dimensions do not exceed a pack of cigarettes, appearance is also quite nice. Connectors a bit – all that is available to the user, it RG45 and microUSB for external power. Placed at the end of the toggle switch operating modes (Access Point / Repeater to extend the wireless network). There are the usual button WPS, combined with Reset.

The antenna is built in, its gain is 2dBi. The access point operates in the 2.4 GHz band, with a maximum data rate of 150 Mbit / s.

One of the interesting features include the possibility of work in repeater mode, which allows to significantly expand the coverage of the existing wireless network. To connect to the Internet are used the most popular protocols – DHCP, PPPoE and Static IP.

Review of new wireless devices companies TOTOLINK

Management occurs using a proprietary web localized shell. Configuring and Debugging does not cause any inconvenience; everything is fast and easy. iPuppy 3 has flexible settings and filters IP, MAC and URL. It also supports the ability to create up to three guest SSID with different parameters.

Having considered the two devices manufactured by TOTOLINK, we came to the conclusion that the quality stuff does not necessarily have to be exorbitant cost – even in the public sector there are manufacturers that can provide the user with a finished product that has excellent functionality at a very reasonable price.

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