Alcoho-Lock: bicycle lock box with alcotester

Alcoho-Lock: bicycle lock box with alcotester

It would be naive to think that a drunken cyclist is less dangerous than a car driver. Cause dangerous accidents can be the owner of any vehicle – even two-wheeled.

Feature of bicycle lock box

Therefore pedal while intoxicated – not the best idea. But how to protect yourself from the temptation to sit behind the wheel? Buy special bicycle lock box Alcoho-Lock.

This device will not only save from theft “iron horse.” The device has a built – alcotester that analyzes breath. Unlock impossible as long as a person is not sober.

Alcoho-Lock: bicycle lock box with alcotester

Who came up with the idea to create something like this? Japanese stores Koowho. The product is made of aluminum and has a circular design. Dimensions new items are 150 to 130 mm.

It is easy to turn off the bicycle lock box will not work. Drunk? Bicycle lock box Alcoho-Lock contact with close friends, to come and help to get home. For what has been said is the synchronization with a smartphone.

The power supply is sufficient for 40 tests. After that, it requires recharging.

Fun invention. However, it is well – about 240 US dollars.

Source: gizmag

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