Zeblaze Crystal - beautiful smart watch for $ 64

Zeblaze Crystal – beautiful smart watch for $ 64

As usual look Soup from little-known manufacturers? Just bored. The creators often save on design and materials – in favor of an attractive price. Unfortunately, the appearance of these things could be better.

Developers Zeblaze Crystal decided to prove that really do otherwise. What is beautiful smart watch are pretty low? No worse than the flagship for the fabulous price.

Feature of the new beautiful smart watch

Zeblaze Crystal - beautiful smart watch for $ 64

This beautiful smart watch looks impressive, even impressive. Almost ASUS ZenWatch. Here are a little more than 64 dollars.

Most importantly – without its ubiquitous plastic. The housing has a round shape and made of stainless steel. If we talk about the strap, it is made of genuine leather. No silicone.

Elegant novelty is decent functionality. The 82-gram product is not afraid of water and dust – thanks to protection IP65. You can wash without removing Zeblaze Crystal wrist.

The screen is slightly curved and is protected by tempered glass. Scratches 1.54-inch panels are not afraid.

Zeblaze Crystal - beautiful smart watch for $ 64

Another key feature: a built-in heart rate monitor. In addition, the timer monitors sleep considers the steps and recalls that it is time to warm up (when the owner is a long time without moving).

As for battery life, the battery 280 mAh battery provides up to 72 hours (in standby mode).

To connect the mobile device is Bluetooth 4.0. Fits all devices based on iOS 8.4, Android 5.1 and above. Synchronization allows you to receive notifications of text messages, incoming calls, as well as to respond to them.

No problems with remote control music player and camera. Among other things, “binding” reduces the risk of losses. The alarm does not move away from the phone.

Zeblaze Crystal - beautiful smart watch for $ 64

In the presence of several proprietary applications: stopwatch, weather forecast, alarm clock and calendar. The interface supports the Russian language.

The display resolution is 240 x 240 pixels. In the role of the processor performs MTK2502. On board are 128 MB RAM and 64 MB of permanent memory. Unfortunately, there is no slot for cards microSD.

Should hurry. The campaign of the beautiful smart watch will last until the 1st of September. By the way, a gift shop offering free delivery. Not a bad way to spend personal savings efficiently.

Source: zeblaze

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