Philips BDM3490UC Brilliance Curved UltraWide - 34-inch curved 4K-monitor

Philips BDM3490UC Brilliance Curved UltraWide – 34-inch curved 4K-monitor

The company introduces its first curved 4K-monitor with a curved screen, namely Philips BDM3490UC Brilliance Curved UltraWide with a diagonal of 34 inches.

Feature of the new curved 4K-monitor from Philips

Novelty Quad HD-matrix screen with AH-IPS has a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels. The screen is capable of displaying over one billion colors, the developers say about 99 percent according to the image color space sRGB.

The MMD emphasize that the format UltraWide with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 creates enough space for multitasking. The user can compare the documents, without having to switch between windows, and comfortable to work with the text and numbers. With technology MultiView, the screen can be divided into several sections to work simultaneously with two signal sources on a single display.

The image quality and improve its own technology Philips Smart. SmartContrast automatically adjusts the color and controls the backlight to improve the contrast and image quality. There is in this model, and a special “Economy mode”, which is perfect for everyday office applications and lower power consumption of the monitor. A SmartResponse technology automatically “accelerates” the response time of the screen for games and movies, to avoid loops, breaks and locked up pictures.

The novelty of the new curved 4K-monitor has the following interfaces: DisplayPort and HDMI 2.0, MHL to transfer images from mobile devices on the screen, USB 3.0 for transferring data and charging gadgets.

Source: digitaltrends

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