New tangible reality - new frontiers of technology

New tangible reality – new frontiers of technology

New tangible reality - new frontiers of technology

Tactile feedback is not covered in themselves essentially nothing radically new. This technique was used in telecommunications and entertainment for decades, it has become a standard feature in the late 1990s, used in mobile phones and video games, where the oscillations alert you, according to the arrival of new messages or help you “feel” the force supplied by your device. Tied to the sense of touch technology has been largely underrepresented in the market of gaming innovations when it comes to large scale beyond joysticks. But now the emphasis changed, and soon gamers will be able to immerse themselves in the virtual reality world some fantastic fictional stories, but the risk still get a couple of blows for the wrong decisions or movement.

Modern smart watches, such as announced Watches Apple, using the above technology to give you a direction to rotate the maze of streets of the big city, where unassisted quite easy to get lost. Researchers, meanwhile, are experimenting with prototypes of systems embedded in the steering wheel car for improved safety. But also on the progress stops, rest assured.

«Haptics», as they are called specialists allow people with low or no vision and hearing browse websites (thanks to Morse code) or even video games. In the world of video games haptics develop most rapidly by increasing the popularity of kits for virtual reality and the desire of players tactile feel what they see and hear in your virtual environment. This kind of technology is also helping to train the next generation of surgeons and improves the modeling of situations in the industrial sector for pilots and operators of large machine systems.

New tangible reality - new frontiers of technology

In most cases, these devices use some sort of motor to convert electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic energy into vibrations, which can control the software that determines the duration, frequency and amplitude.a

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