James Bond will be the new face of Sony Xperia Z4

James Bond will be the new face of Sony Xperia Z4

James Bond will be the new face of Sony Xperia Z4

Everyone knows that Sony has recently changed its policy regarding the release of their devices, and now every six months we have seen the presentation of the company’s flagship devices. This year was no exception, even if you consider the fact that Sony, in connection with losses, intends to change its policy.

According to recent leaks that have come into our hands because of North Korea, which recently made ​​a hacker attack on the server Sony, the new flagship of the company – Sony Xperia Z4 – get slightly modified appearance instead of rounded frames we will see metal sharpened edges that shimmer beautifully to light in combination with a glass surface of the front and rear housing portions. It is worth noting that the new design is more suitable Z-series; yes, it has undergone significant changes are not so, but I feel the attention to detail – how polished corners framework, it looks really, really good. And what about the bulging glass, which is in harmony with the frame. We cannot say about the new rectangular power button: symbolic decision, because Sony for several years using a proprietary round button. In addition to the Z4, renderers are shown on smart watches and unknown smartphone, whose back cover is made of a soft-touch material.

All of these images are taken from a letter by Michael Linton, who is chief executive officer of Sony Pictures Entertainment. In addition, the letter was discussed and the advertising part of the project. Our colleagues from gizmodo found out that Sony wants to see Daniel Craig (James Bond) as a PR person Xperia Z4. Namely, we are talking about the film Spectre, which is scheduled for October next year. Bond will need to use the Z4 at the moment when he will be in the camera lens in close-up, during which Sony promises Craig $ 5 million.

Total advertising campaign will cost Sony Xperia Z4 in $ 28 million. This amount includes the cost of conventional advertising ($ 18 million), $ 5 million of Daniel and $ 5 million production costs.

Recall, according to the latest data, Xperia Z4 will get a 5.4-inch QHD-display, quad-core Snapdragon 805, 20.7-megapixel rear camera with an improved sensor and a 4.8-megapixel front with wide-angle lenses.

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